Evernorth Home-Based Care

Evernorth Home-Based Care is a complete, in-home population health and clinical services business dedicated to serving the diverse needs of members, providers and customers, including care coordination and enablement services.

Known for our flexibility, Evernorth is always willing to partner with your care delivery solutions and clinical pathways to avoid disruption. This approach leverages our expertise and solutions while integrating our clients’ capabilities and third-party resources to maximize overall effectiveness.

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The Evolution of Patient Care: A Home-Centered Approach

We focus on in-home primary care for polychronic patients, post-acute care through care coordination and provider network management.

Our goal is to provide the right care to benefit both the member and the Plan. We work closely with 30+ clients including Health Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicaid (D-SNPs), Employers and more. Serving more than 26 million lives—to improve quality measures, reduce costs, and upgrade the member experience and care delivery coordination.

Evernorth Home-Based Care Overview

Why Evernorth Home-Based Care

Caring for chronically ill patients requires a personalized, high-touch approach. We help health plans stay competitive through in-home primary care by:

Improving quality metrics and lowering costs

Identifying current and emerging clinical and pharmacy risk via In-home health assessments

Measuring outcomes with data-driven reporting, targeted results + integrated care

Optimizing networks for effective utilization management

Guaranteeing savings with our risk-based model

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The Evolution of Polychronic Patient Care

As people live longer and diseases become more treatable, the number of people living with multiple chronic conditions is increasing. This report examines the drivers behind the increasing polychronic population, the implications for patients and providers and how care solutions are evolving.

How Modern Home-Based Care Is Helping to Transform Polychronic Patient Experiences

Addressing the care needs of the rising polychronic patient population will require new approaches beyond traditional fee-for-service, condition-by-condition care models. This report explores the viability and advantages of home-based care as a solution.

How Value-Based Care Can Change the Trajectory of Health Care Costs

Polychronic patients, those living with three or more chronic conditions, have complex care needs that drive increased health care utilization and costs. This report explains how value-based care models are gaining traction as an alternative to traditional fee-for-service models as providers and payers respond to polychronic patient trends.

Evernorth Home-Based Care Services

In-Home Primary Care serves as a convenient care experience to high-risk, high-need patients that also connects them to our suite of capabilities based on their individual health needs.

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Our Comprehensive Health Assessments and Gap Closure Solutions allow patients to have their overall wellness evaluated from in-home to proactively identify and address health risks.

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With more than 1.5 million members under management, our PAC solution can shape the facility episodes that lead to home (skilled nursing facilities, long- term acute care facilities, and inpatient rehabilitation facilities) by applying PAC tools.

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Our Transitions of Care program supports members in making a safe return home following acute hospitalization, post-acute care or emergency department (ED) visits.

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Our Home Health solution offers enhanced utilization management and care coordination to help ensure that members receive quality, clinically appropriate home-based care to support them in achieving their health goals.

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Our sleep solution assists members in navigating the care process, encouraging at-home testing whenever possible.

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Our enhanced utilization management and care coordination capabilities ensure that patients receive clinically appropriate equipment to achieve improved health outcomes.

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