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Why Evernorth?

We’re built to create and partner differently

The Evernorth difference

We all want the same thing—a health care system that truly takes care of people. But the reality is that we all deal with a system that isn’t what we wish it was. Reshaping the future of health care requires new thinking, smarter innovation and one-of-a-kind expertise to make health care better and make people better.

That’s why at Evernorth, we unapologetically ask the big questions, and then get to work answering. With health services as bold as the people and organizations we serve, we’re creating a new future without compromise.

What Evernorth® Health Services can do for…


We support your employees in leading healthier lives and unlock powerful savings opportunities to help your business thrive.



We design forward-thinking solutions to help you meet your client’s evolving needs and stay ahead in a dynamic market.


Health plans

We link better health to better savings with simple, flexible and holistic solutions. No more compromising on cost or outcomes.


Taking action with bold, innovative thinking
We have the data, the expertise, and most importantly, the desire to change health care. We aren’t afraid to confront the big challenges, like value, outcomes, experiences and equity, with timely, relevant and easy-to-navigate solutions that benefit both members and plan sponsors.
At the core of Evernorth’s unique approach to problem-solving are three pillars:

We’re adept at creating actionable and high-impact services for the changing needs of the moment, using the latest digital technologies and leading clinical expertise to serve the exact needs of specific populations—in real time.


We’re proactive in solving complex challenges with modern and customizable approaches. By promoting choice and flexibility, we provide the right connected resources that work with your existing infrastructure.


We’re committed to a common goal—to be aligned first and always with the people who need help the most. Not physician networks or retail stores. By engaging with people however and wherever they need, we drive truly better outcomes.

A medical professional meets with a patient.

Treating the whole person

Delivering the right care goes beyond simply the drugs that treat the condition.

Patients may face many hurdles, including gaps in care, adherence barriers, genetic factors, affordability concerns, care coordination challenges and so much more.

Evernorth Health Services is uniquely positioned to address not only the physical, but also the behavioral and social determinants of health challenges your members must navigate. With our comprehensive approach, we intelligently connect previously siloed offerings across our pharmacy, care and benefit services, delivering actionable insights and end-to-end guidance throughout the member journey.

By addressing the compounding issues associated with complex conditions, we enable earlier interventions, greater member engagement and lower costs and complexity.

A woman reads the label on a prescription pill bottle.

Data-driven insights + services

At Evernorth Health Services, we’re constantly partnering
to pilot new ideas that advance care and drive bigger cost savings.

The services we build are backed by real-world data and actionable analysis that integrate to solve existing challenges in innovative ways.

For plan sponsors, we create comprehensive care programs to enhance individual patient success, often with guarantees that keep us accountable to our promises.

We also empower patients to better manage their care with alerts and resources outside the clinical setting, giving them the right tools—at the right time—to make better health decisions.

A woman walks and talks with a physician.

Flexible, integrated and evolving

Our connected and custom-built services make health care work better and make patients better by eliminating costly gaps in care and supporting each patient with the right care at the right time.

For example, our proven Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC) model is a high-touch, specialized approach to providing care to those who need help the most, including those with specialty conditions taking incredibly complex therapies.

From more conventional oral medications to novel
gene therapies, our specialty-trained pharmacists,
nurses, dietitians and social workers work side-by-side with patients to provide expert support beyond the prescription.

We are also building, testing and enhancing new care delivery and engagement models that are digital-first and more relevant to the next generation.

Discover how we unlock potential
Evernorth creates services that work with you and for you, driving progress for your business and your people.
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Help us build a world that…

Makes the health care system work better for everyone,

tackles health care’s biggest challenges,

helps you see what others don’t,

and above all, truly takes care of people.

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Learn more about how we work together with you to uncover, reimagine and solve the challenges you and your members face.
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