For years, vaccines have helped combat common illnesses, like the flu, shingles and pneumonia, protecting the health of the individual and of society.

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Vaccines Help Keep People Healthy

That’s why the Pharmacy Vaccination Program makes our existing relationships with retail pharmacies work for you and your members, enabling you to…

  • Reduce downstream medical costs 
  • Support group health now and in the future
  • Combat preventable illness-related absence from work

How does the Pharmacy Vaccination Program benefit you?


Align with health care reform guidelines requiring that preventive services be 100% covered by the plan.


Vaccine claims are processed and billed through the pharmacy benefit.


Plan sponsors choose your benefit design coverage, which can be all the available vaccines or specific ones of your choosing.

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Together, we can make the path to better health easier.
E-mail your Express Scripts account representative or contact us today to learn more.
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COVID-19 Awareness Center

Vaccinating against COVID-19 helps protect your members from illness and death. But some may express concerns about the vaccine. The Pharmacy Vaccination Program is here to help you find the information and resources you need to foster a Community of Immunity.

Approved Age: 6 months and older

Efficacy Rate: 94.1%

Primary Shots Required: 2

Booster Approved: Most individuals ages 6 months and older

Johnson & Johnson2

Approved Age: 18 years and older

Efficacy Rate: 66.3%

Primary Shots Required: 1

Booster Approved: Most individuals ages 18 and older


Approved Age: 6 months and older

Efficacy Rate: (age 5-15) >90%, (age 16 and up) 95%

Primary Shots Required: (6 months through 4 years) 3, (age 5 and up) 2

Booster Approved: Most individuals ages 6 months and older


Approved Age: 18 years and older

Efficacy Rate: 90.4%

Primary Shots Required: 2

Booster Approved: Most individuals ages 18 and older

COVID-19 Tools and Resources
Learn about clinics, discover mental health support offerings, and helpful videos to navigate COVID-19.

Better understand the risks COVID-19 poses to your members.

Preventive care measures, like vaccines, benefit everyone. But not everyone faces the same level of risk from COVID-19. 

We work with you to formulate strategies that consider variables like your members’ age, health, work responsibilities, even geography, to identify how and when to best communicate with those most in need of vaccinations. 

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The vaccines you need, as chosen by you.

Our holistic program provides coverage for all common vaccines. Pick one or any combination that meets your members’ needs.

“Which vaccines can I cover?”

+  COVID-19
+  Flu (seasonal influenza)
+  Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis
+  Hepatitis
+  Human papillomavirus (HPV)
+  Meningitis
+  Pneumonia
+  Shingles/zoster
+  Travel vaccines (rabies, typhoid, yellow fever, etc.)
+  Childhood vaccines (MMR, etc.)

The Pharmacy Vaccination Program adds new convenience to the health care experience.

On-site clinics

You can offer vaccines like seasonal flu and COVID-19 at your workplace. We make the process of setting up an on-site vaccine clinic simple for you and convenient for your members.

Dedicated in-store vaccinations at local retail pharmacies

Your members should never have to worry about the availability of vaccinations for common illnesses. They can skip the doctor’s office and get their vaccines at a local pharmacy, saving plans up to $70 on average.*


*Compared to the doctor’s office

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Need to discuss vaccines with your members? We can help.

We provide you the means to effectively drive the message home, whether your members are at the office or in their living room.

Ready-to-go messaging

Our partners at Express Scripts will send out emails and automated calls for vaccines like seasonal flu, HPV, shingles, and more, promoting vaccinations. 

Customizable communications

We’ll provide you with materials to feature your on-site vaccination clinic, including details like where the clinic will take place, who can get vaccinated, and how to sign up. Our communications toolkit helps keep the spotlight on you and your team.

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Still Have Questions?
Find out about program costs, reporting processes, member copay set up, and more.
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