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Behavioral Health

Evernorth’s data-informed approach to behavioral health provides personalized and customized care across the entire continuum for the populations we serve. These solutions predict emerging health needs, close gaps in care, and drive cost savings—all while empowering whole-person and whole family health.

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A Compounding Crisis

Every life journey has bumps—and some can significantly impact mental health. Navigating resources when already in need of help can be overwhelming, confusing, and tiring.

Knowing this elevates our focus on taking action to address behavioral health needs: Educate and engage earlier and encourage and guide members who are seeking care.

Left untreated, behavioral conditions can become a costly and significant burden to members and businesses alike.

  • A growing need
    Only 17% of U.S. adults feel their mental health is optimal.
  • A growing cost
    Medical conditions, compounded by untreated mental health conditions, can increase the cost of care by 3-6 times.
  • A growing demand
    The Covid-19 pandemic shined a light on the need to prioritize behavioral health care.

Current State of Behavioral Health


1 in 4

U.S. adults experience mental illness each year, but only 40% receive treatment1

1. National Institute of Mental Health



of Americans’ mental health has been negatively impacted due to COVID-19 stress and worry2

2. Kaiser Family Foundation Poll, July 2020.



of adults with behavioral
health disorders also suffer
from physical conditions3

3. Behavioral Health Insights, Book of Business claims data 1-1-20 through 12-31-20. Adults only.

Our Differentiated Approach

Evernorth’s unique, industry leading approach uses the integration of pharmacy, medical and behavioral insights where others cannot. With 47+ years of experience and by looking holistically at needs all at once—we can elevate health for all.

Evernorth’s flexible solutions can eliminate fragmentation and address an individual’s full spectrum of care based on their unique needs. Our solutions work together alongside other plan offerings to innovate for a better, simpler, more connected experience of health care.

Our goal at Evernorth is to help members navigate the behavioral landscape and provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place—from start to finish:

  • Early Identification Our predictive analytics find and engage people earlier to reduce medical costs and improve business productivity
  • Access To Quality Care Our large and diverse provider network enables access to in-person and virtual care, digital coaching, and different modalities to engage with virtual or text
  • Personalized Customer Engagement Our deep analytics enable us to engage with members in a personalized, meaningful way
  • Enhanced Clinical Interventions Our clinicians work alongside care providers to close gaps in case
  • Improved Health Outcomes Our analytics measure improvements to deliver lower costs and better outcomes
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Our Solutions

Evernorth is committed to delivering a simplified behavioral-health wellness program so members can get healthy and stay healthy. We offer an expanded national network of facilities, inpatient and outpatient professionals, including virtual and digital providers. Our members can connect to crisis support 24/7/365, including for more complex conditions. With our predictive modeling and active listening approach we go beyond the traditional entry points and outreach to members before they know they need care, being mindful and sensitive through our destigmatized approach. Additionally, we can augment the traditional behavioral health offering by adding full access to Centers of Excellence, clinician coaching, peer support services and the Fast Access network, which guarantees an appointment within five business days.

These programs provide advantages such as:

  • Minimizing time away from work
  • Saving on medical costs
  • Proactive identification of high-risk members using combined pharmacy data with medical and behavioral claims
  • Focusing on finding the right care at the right time
  • Customization using data and analytics to assess demographics, anticipate outcomes, and address those exact needs
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Caregiver solutions allow members to find support that meets their needs, from digital cognitive behavioral therapy support to real-time coaching or online care resources.

  • Caregiver HelpHub also offers a Geriatric Care Assist program to provide an assessment as well as the development of a senior care plan by a specialist
  • Caregiver Bridge also offers access to one-on-one coaching with behavioral licensed clinicians
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EAP provides support to address mental health in the workplace with 24/7 confidential assistance to members and their household members, helping with life challenges that affect health, well-being, and productivity. EAP also serves organizations by addressing workplace concerns and disruptive, critical events. EAP services include:

  • Crisis triage, no-cost phone consultations and short-term counseling sessions with licensed clinicians (virtual or in-person)
  • Home life referrals to financial, legal, and daily life resources and community services
  • Workplace services, including critical incident stress management, management consultation and wellness seminars
  • Online resources and digital interfaces to webcast portal and B2B microsite
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