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Committed to nurturing the future of reproductive health and benefits

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A desperate need for better reproductive health care and benefits

FamilyPath includes benefit offerings across family-planning, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care for employers and health plans.

Committed to addressing disparities in this category of health benefits, FamilyPath offers an end-to-end, inclusive benefit in family-planning care for members across both in-house capabilities and new partnership solutions.


The disparities are apparent in health care for growing families and people of reproductive age - most of which make up our workforce today1

1. Millennials And Gen Z: Now Is The Time To Reshape Businesses To Harness Their Power

1 in 5

people in the United States are impacted by infertility2



higher maternal death rate in the U.S. compared to other countries3


of all pregnancies have at least one unexpected complication4

1 in 7

new parents are affected by postpartum depression, with an increasing risk of recurrence for each pregnancy5

Nurturing member needs

The expansion of FamilyPath aims to support all your members across every step of their reproductive health and family-planning journey. Customize your free guide to make it easier for your employees to navigate their benefits.
Fertility care and coverage

for female and male infertility through a preferred provider, Progyny

Contraceptive care

which includes coverage and dispensing of contraceptives and pregnancy tests from an Evernorth pharmacy

Pregnancy and postpartum support and risk evaluation

which includes new tools and partnerships

FamilyPath owned and partnership solutions are all designed to deliver elevated care and flexible benefit options to people choosing how and when to grow their families.

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Smarter Fertility Benefits

Progyny, a Fertility Partnership Solution

FamilyPath includes benefit offerings across family-planning, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care for employers and health plans.

Aligned in the mission of championing healthy and timely family-building journeys in a safe, supported and cost-effective way, a strategic partnership between Progyny and Evernorth was born. Progyny is a well-established provider in the fertility and family-building benefits market, covering 5.4M+ lives across clients in 40+ industries with a net promoter score of +82.6

6. NPS score collected as part of member survey data

This fertility partnership solution under FamilyPath will enable benefits that:

Support people in getting pregnant sooner while ensuring healthier pregnancies and babies

Grant greater patient access to 650+ top fertility clinics and 950+ providers nationwide

Provides exclusive access to Freedom Fertility, Evernorth’s fertility-focused pharmacy supporting patient needs unique to infertility

Over the course of just one year in partnership...

members who have been supported by Evernorth’s Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and Progyny have reported 
a +79 NPS score.7

This partnership is just one example of how Evernorth will continue to build and expand its capabilities and partnerships to continue to drive value, flexibility and better care to fill gaps in the benefits and care provided across the reproductive health spectrum.

This integrated model provides:

Enhanced member support starting with preconception

Reduced care inequities that are exacerbated by the dollar cap benefit design

A focus on cost-savings and efficiencies that deliver more value for the benefit dollar

Easier implementation for Evernorth clients to add a benefit to their existing contract

7. Shared by Progyny as they survey their members

Expectant couple virtual appointment on smartphone

A limited fertility benefit can lead to heightened health risks and stress, higher patient and plan costs and lower visibility into the total cost of care

A comprehensive fertility benefit frees patients from the financial limitations, clinical risks and emotional stress that may come with limited coverage, and patients are more likely to base decisions on clinical recommendations rather than concerns about running out of funds.

Download this interactive PDF to see how comprehensive coverage can outperform a limited benefit at every step of the patient journey.

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Nurturing the future

Evernorth FamilyPath continues to be committed to nurturing the future health of families, women and people seeking benefits and support for a variety of decisions across reproductive and family-building needs.

Evernorth's owned and partnership solutions in this category will continue to afford plan sponsors more flexibility when designing their family-building and reproductive benefits within their existing portfolios.

Evernorth's owned fertility benefit option through FamilyPath also remains a custom option for plans who prefer to private label their benefit or for those who are concerned about disruption of their current financial arrangement. Use this document for instructions on how to customize your free guide to make it easier for your employees to navigate their benefits.

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