Evernorth Oncology Benefit Services

Enabling a stronger, simpler oncology benefit that spans the health care ecosystem to improve the experience and outcomes for patients with cancer and their families.

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Patients and caregivers need enhanced support

Navigating the challenges of cancer care can be complex and difficult to traverse. The oncology journey is overwhelming with very little guidance, support or resources. 

of patients surveyed need more assistance to find “the right” specialist, with HR teams often forced to be the care coordinators1

1. Evernorth Research Institute, Health Care in Focus, 2024


of caregivers of cancer patients report high emotional stress.2 It’s more likely for cancer patients to report that their mental health has declined in the past 12 months vs. other patients1 

1. Evernorth Research Institute, Health Care in Focus, 2024 

2. National Cancer Institute

Completing cancer care. Every way. Every day. Every one.

It would be nice if cancer care came down to a single decision, a single comprehensive solution, that provides everything needed for both plans and patients. Choosing Evernorth Oncology Benefit Services℠ is that single decision—the only oncology resource you need that closes the loop on what’s been missing in cancer care. 

Improving cancer outcomes and experiences at lower costs

Evernorth Oncology Benefit Services is the only end-to-end cancer care solution that supports members across the entire cancer journey within a single benefit experience. Evernorth simplifies the cancer care experience by: 
Providing a single, comprehensive program

resulting in a seamless and supported patient-centric experience

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Integrating mental health care with cancer care

rather than treating each in a silo

Enabling greater control

over associated cancer costs for plan sponsors

One oncology benefit across the entire spectrum of care

We deliver support across the entire spectrum of care—from prevention and early detection, to diagnosis, to treatment, and survivorship—for a range of cancer types. Available treatment bundles include breast, thyroid, colorectal, lung, brain, prostate, bladder, pancreas and gynecologic cancers.

Our comprehensive approach helps ensure earliest possible detection and quality care access, eliminating inequities in cancer experiences and outcomes.
Intelligent digital platform

Our intuitive app provides easy access to personalized resources including virtual care, educational resources, reminders, social networks and workplace resources

Mental health support

Members and caregivers are provided with whole-person care and resources to address mental and behavioral health needs 

Dedicated care and care coordination

Members have access to a dedicated team of expert providers, care navigators and clinical pharmacy support

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Virtual care connectivity

Members can reach our always-on, nationwide network of experienced providers from the convenience of home

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Specialty pharmacy resources

Members and caregivers have access to a wide range of resources to support them through the oncology specialty pharmacy journey, including oncology nutrition support

High-quality care ecosystem

Expert opinions and treatment from top quality care providers, including Oncology Nurse Navigator and Centers of Excellence

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A simplified billing structure

Patients will have a simplified financial billing structure and services aligned to the lowest net cost available. Bundled payments for this provider network allow the patient to pay a single copay which covers surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  

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Deliver the support your members deserve.
Learn more about Evernorth Oncology Benefit Services and improve the oncology benefit for your members. 
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