Four things to know about home delivery of prescriptions

Home delivery program offers access, flexibility, and savings to members

Express Scripts pharmacy benefit clients have the option of utilizing Evernorth’s home delivery pharmacy to provide convenient network options, drive deeper savings, and drive better health outcomes for their members. 

Here are four things to know about home delivery: 

Home delivery helps people to stay on top of their medications and contributes to better outcomes.

It’s estimated that about 50% of medications for managing chronic conditions are not taken as prescribed. Evernorth’s home delivery pharmacy ensures maintenance medications, which are taken regularly for chronic conditions, reach people before their prescription runs out. Easy-to-use tools, including a mobile app and automatic refill options, help ensure members never miss a dose. Research conducted by the Evernorth Research Institute found patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol experienced an increase in adherence by 17.2%, 18.6%, and 16.1%, respectively, after switching to a home delivery pharmacy. 

Members have the option of home delivery for their preferred method of receiving prescriptions.

Evernorth works to create flexible pharmacy network options – from large chain pharmacies to regional pharmacies to independent pharmacies and home delivery. Clients choose their networks based on what’s best for the unique needs of their employees and populations based on geography, demographics, and other key factors. 

The Evernorth home delivery model is optimized to support people who are on long-term therapies by providing three-month supplies, which offer the convenience of not needing to pick up refills monthly. However, clients can also elect a plan enabling members to pick up a three-month supply of certain medications from the in-network retail pharmacy of their choice. 

Retail pharmacies are often best positioned to fill smaller quantities, including partial fills, and to quickly adjust the type or dosage of medication. For prescriptions of one-month supplies or less, people can typically pick up their prescription from the in-network retail pharmacy of their choice. There are more than 65,000 retail pharmacies contracted with Express Scripts that clients can elect to be in-network for their members. Members with prescriptions written for a one-month supply or less who would like to utilize home delivery are able to work with their provider to determine if obtaining a larger supply is appropriate and request a prescription for an extended supply be sent to the Express Scripts Pharmacy.

Around-the-clock support from pharmacists helps members manage their prescriptions and health.

As part of the Evernorth home delivery program, over 900 pharmacists are available to answer member questions and offer other support 24/7. When they call, members are connected with a pharmacist without needing to leave voicemails, waiting for a callback, or having rushed conversations. Each prescription dispensed through home delivery is backed by the clinical expertise of our pharmacists. 

Medication shipments are protected every step of the way to a member’s home.

Before a shipment leaves the Evernorth home delivery pharmacy, the acceptable temperature for the individual medications and weather forecasts along the route are used to determine the appropriate shipping timeframe and corresponding packaging that will protect the medication in transit. All temperature-sensitive medicines are shipped next-day or second-day service, and patients can opt into receiving shipping notifications and tracking information for deliveries.

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