Serving the Public
Sector with comprehensive support

We help Public Sector clients simplify their pharmacy and medical benefits—maximizing publicly-funded budget dollars
to drive out waste.

A representative reviews pharmacy and medical benefits with clients

Partnering to unlock the most value for your plan

We understand the unique challenges you face. Our goal is to empower you with the information to face those challenges head on and drive the best decisions for your members and constituents.

Right for today. Right for tomorrow. Right by your side.

We’ll be a trusted advisor to your organization to deliver the right support for your members’ needs.

Curated and reliable service

Our experienced account team understands your goals and how to maximize available resources to help you get there. From considering every regulatory detail to guaranteeing affordability, our team acts as an extension of yours at every step.
We’re aware of and ensure compliance with government regulations, CMS requirements and reporting on plan performance.
With our transparent audit process, we offer full audit rights to provide certainty that you’re getting the full value and seeing the success of your health care dollars.
Insights At Your Fingertips
By placing your plan’s data at your fingertips, our client portal empowers you and your account team to quickly identify and resolve pain points, as well as proactively anticipate future needs.
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Keeping you informed of the latest in legislation

Our Government Affairs team will analyze changes in the legislative environment and offer your organization a 360° perspective of its impacts to you and your members. This offering is unique in the marketplace and enhances our ability to serve the unique needs of our public sector clients.



Providing clear and predictable costs for prescription drug benefits

With ClearCareRx, clients pay exactly what we pay the pharmacy for a prescription and receive 100% of drug rebates obtained through negotiation—enhancing transparency and eliminating price confusion.

A pharmacist reviews a prescription

Staying at the forefront of new advances in care

We offer a suite of innovative care and benefits solutions that work hard to eliminate barriers to care and reveal new ways to drive out waste. Explore our popular offerings for Public Sector below.

By transcending health care fragmentation, we empower members and put them at the center of their care.

Closed care gaps
Leveraging advanced data and analytics, our coordinated care experience addresses comorbidities, leading to better outcomes.

Lower total medical costs
Our predictive models and personalized decision support helps to reduce the need for unnecessary interventions.

Sustainable outcomes
By addressing a variety of factors and offering behavioral screenings, physical therapy and pre/post-surgery support, we are able to optimize outcomes.

Learn more about Guided MSK

A medical professional works with a patient who uses a walker

Capping prescription drug prices through a simple, predictable copay model and low, flat-dollar tiers

Better member experience

Increased visibility to member pay

Reduced abandonment

Integrated pharma value

Reduction in medical costs

Improved utilization

Learn more about Copay Assurance™

A pharmacist assists a patient

Empowering plan sponsors with tools and solutions to make smart, effective benefit decisions in a complex specialty environment.

Specialty benefit decisions you can feel confident in

Flexible options to manage specialty spend

Advocacy for access to lower cost, quality care

More holistic care experiences for your members

Tools to make more informed decisions

Learn more about Specialty Management

A medical professional hosts a patient consultation

Health Connect 360 Flex Medicare evaluates your entire population to determine members AND physicians who would benefit from an adherence outreach or an outreach to address health and safety concerns. The measures improve patient health outcomes and support your Medicare Star rating goals.

Improved adherence for diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol

Closing gaps in care for statin use in persons with diabetes

Providing retroactive health and safety monitor

Learn more about Health Connect 360®

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