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Unlocking Potential

Evernorth health services are tailored to your business. They work together and fit into your existing health offerings to improve outcomes, reduce risk and cut both waste and cost.

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Behavioral Health

Evernorth’s data-informed approach to behavioral health provides personalized and customized care across the entire continuum for the populations we serve. These solutions predict emerging health needs, close gaps in care, and drive cost savings—all while empowering whole-person and whole family health.

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CareNav+ leverages advanced, yet easy-to-use, technologies to simplify care experiences.

AI-powered predictive analytics holistically gather data, identify and predict individual needs

Integrated member data from across the ecosystem to streamline care coordination

Detailed reporting dashboard reports key performance metrics for vendor partners all in one place for a holistic view on engagement

A unique insights engine which makes clinical insights on medical, pharmacy, behavioral health, biometrics and labs available in real-time


Digital Health Formulary

Our industry-first Digital Health Formulary allows employers and health plans to manage the fast-growing world of digital health and is included for every client.

  • Pharmacists, clinicians, and health-research PhDs vigorously review solutions
  • Plans choose from mobile apps and tools that are safe, effective, and add value
  • Clients save an average of $100K-$120K per solution in implementation costs
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Embarc Benefit Protection℠

Gene therapy has the potential to change lives, but even a single treatment can cost millions of dollars. Embarc Benefit Protection shields members from these high costs, so that people who need treatment can get it.

  • Financial protection for high-cost therapies
  • Access to quality, cost-effective in-network providers
  • Support from a dedicated gene therapy case management team


By 2025, 10 million couples will have trouble starting a family1. FamilyPath is raising the bar for fertility health by providing more comprehensive, more flexible coverage and proactive care for growing families.

  • Expanded medical and pharmacy benefit management 
  • Access to vetted provider and lab networks
  • Dedicated Fertility Advisor to proactively support and guide patients

What’s Up with Rising Infertility Rates?,

Premier Health, Feb 26, 2016

A medical professional who is wearing scrubs holds a tablet and speaks with a patient

Guided Cancer Care

Guided Cancer Care ensures members get the right care early enough in their journey to have a positive impact on both health outcomes and costs. Members (and their caregivers) are often overwhelmed and stressed after diagnosis and need help navigating the life-changing situation and finding valuable support.

Guided Cancer Care model identifies members earlier in their journey and connects them with Care Advocates

Care Advocates provide personalized care plans for each member

Care coordination and navigation reduces medical oncology spend and leads to fewer inpatient stays

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Health Connect 360®

Health Connect 360 offers a customized, consultative way to lower total care-costs and improve your members’ experiences.

Guaranteed outcomes, or financial performance

Clinical capabilities available, such as remote monitoring vendors

Dedicated pharmacist support through a Population Health Manager

24/7 access to your data and insights in the Care Insights Hub

Nurse helping elderly lady with a walker at home

Evernorth Home-Based Care

Our vision is to improve each patient's unique health journey and experience through integrated network, home health, and post-acute care solutions. Together, we can help reduce costs and improve outcomes by enhancing the health and well-being of your employees. This framework can improve individual health at all stages and enables you to engage in public health work, like:

  • Providing integrated solutions through in-home wellness
  • Transitions of care to lower readmission risk
  • Management of patients with increasing chronic and co-morbid conditions
Woman smiling sitting in wheelchair


MoreThanRx expands the services provided at the pharmacy to make it easier for members and their plans to manage their health and achieve better outcomes.

Medical services billed under the pharmacy benefit cost about half of what a traditional provider would charge on average

Members can receive needed testing, screenings, prescriptions, medication and medication counseling all in one place, from the pharmacist located just down the street

Appointments are available days and evenings, 7 days a week, and members can often be seen on the same day that they call, rather than waiting for weeks at a time

Man with back pain

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Through predictive models, personalized guidance, and navigation tools, our fully-connected MSK solutions help members take charge of their health — and enable health plans, employers, and members to avoid unnecessary spend.

Identify and proactively outreach to members at elevated risk for MSK surgeries

Empower members with educational content, an intuitive digital experience, treatment decision support, and navigation tools

Combine clinical and behavioral data to enable truly individualized care that optimizes health outcomes

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Specialty Management

Evernorth Specialty Management equips plan sponsors with tools and solutions to make smart, effective benefit decisions in a complex specialty environment.

Flexible options to manage specialty spend

More holistic care experiences for your members

Advocacy for access to lower cost, quality care

Tools to make more informed decisions

Patient with Care clinical worker

Workplace Care

Evernorth Workplace Care connects employees to health and wellness solutions at worksites and virtually—reducing total medical costs while increasing productivity and engagement.

  • Wellness Centers: Acute, primary and preventive care services, at the workplace or virtually
  • Custom Coaching: Custom care plans to help employees meet their health goals
  • Prevention and Wellness solutions: Onsite biometric screening events provide insights for population health
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