Evernorth Digital Health Formulary®

A clinically based, expertly evaluated platform of digital health solutions to address your plan’s most pressing challenges.

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Digital Health Solutions Made Easy

There’s no shortage of digital health solutions on the market. Selecting the right tools to fit your plan’s needs can be confusing, costly, and time-consuming.

We’re eliminating that burden, making it easier for you to put life-changing solutions in your members’ hands.

Each solution on the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary has been clinically reviewed and evaluated through our streamlined and rigorous review process. Leave the research up to us and start realizing the benefits of digital health solutions. 

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Digital Tools that Change Lives

Digital health solutions empower members to live healthier lives—from anywhere, at any time. We’ve shown that these solutions improve member health.

Average pain reduction experienced by those enrolled in a Digital Musculoskeletal Program.1 


1 Bailey. J., et al. (2020) Digital Care for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: 10,000 Participant Longitudinal Cohort Study. JMIR


Of adult workforce participants in our Digital Diabetes Prevention Program lost 5% of their body weight after 4 months.2

2 Castro Sweet C, Bradner Jasik C, Diebold A, DuPuis A, Jendretzke B. Cost Savings and Reduced Health Care Utilization Associated with Participation in a Digital Diabetes Prevention Program in an Adult Workforce Population. JHEOR. 2020;7(2):139-147.


Increase of days without requiring a rescue inhaler with our Digital Asthma and COPD Solution.3

3 Express Scripts 2019 Data

Researched. Reviewed. Recommended.

We’re focused on finding tools that make health care more personal, reliable, simple, and affordable.

Our digital solutions are paired with one-on-one personalized support via our Therapeutic Resource Centers® and digital health coaches or counselors. This leads to higher medication safety and adherence.


Solutions on the Digital Health Formulary are clinically reviewed and evaluated by a panel of pharmacists, physicians, user-experience experts and health research PhDs to ensure safety, security and usability.


We administer end-to-end contracting on behalf of our clients. Utilizing data-driven insights, we identify and target members who may benefit from specific solutions and provide clinical outcomes and engagement reporting.


Leveraging our position in the marketplace, we encourage competition to improve member health accessibility and reduce your plan’s overall costs.

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Explore clinically effective digital health solutions with confidence.
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Digital Health Solutions



Digital Cardiovascular Care for hypertension ensures members are fully supported in the prevention and management of hypertension complications, and includes:

A connected blood pressure cuff for more accurate self-monitoring

Personalized educational content and insights based on blood pressure readings

Mobile app, email, text messaging engagement, and reminders from 
experienced health coaches

Support from Cardiovascular Therapeutic Resource CenterSM clinicians






Asthma and COPD


Digital Pulmonary Care empowers patients to best manage the challenges associated with asthma and COPD through:

Connected inhaler sensors to easily track and monitor inhaler usage

Coaching to identify triggers and avoid overuse of rescue inhalers

Mobile app with personalized insights and tips about asthma and COPD

Support from Pulmonary Therapeutic Resource CentersSM clinicians



Depression, anxiety and insomnia


Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps patients cope with depression, anxiety, and insomnia by optimizing mental and emotional responses through a skills-based interactive platform. This contains:

Web and app-based programming, for 24/7 access

Comprehensive, evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy curriculum

Support from Neuroscience Therapeutic Resource CenterSM clinicians

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Family planning, pregnancy and postpartum


Our digital women’s health solution provides a comprehensive digital tool that easily integrates into everyday life. Features include:

Support for family planning and reproductive health including fertility, pregnancy, and post-partum

A personalized experience based on individual health needs

Guidance from Therapeutic Resource Center® specialized clinicians


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Chronic muscle and joint pain


Digital Musculoskeletal Care equips members with chronic muscle and joint pain with support and tools that help members take control of their healing journey and reclaim their quality of life through:

Digital physical therapy, customized to an individual’s needs and accessible from anywhere

Specialized support from a licensed physical therapist and/or health coach

Support from Neuroscience Therapeutic Resource CenterSM physicians

On-demand educational resources to provide instant access to pain 
     management information

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Caregiver stress and emotional wellness

Being a caregiver can be both physically and emotionally stressful. Our digital solution fosters a fully supported environment via digital cognitive behavioral therapy with leading clinical experts. We’re providing “care for the caregiver” through:

24/7 tracking of a caregiver’s wellbeing

A digital cognitive behavioral therapy platform





Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes


Digital Diabetes Care enables patients to manage their diabetes daily and provides personalized analytics by combining:

Coaching from Certified Diabetes Educators

A mobile phone-connected glucose meter

Digital platform for viewing personalized insights and sharing with their care team

Support from Diabetes Therapeutic Resource CenterSM clinicians








Diabetes Prevention


We identify members who are at risk of developing diabetes and other co-morbidities and empower them to take control of their health. We offer:

A cellular-connected scale

Evidence-based curriculum

Personalized coaching and peer support

Support from Diabetes Therapeutic Resource CenterSM clinicians






Tobacco Use Disorder


Our interactive, clinically effective, and scientifically proven program can help members with a Tobacco Use Disorder quit through:

Dedicated individualized coaching

On-demand, cognitive behavioral therapy educational modules

Carbon monoxide monitoring and helping track members’ progress

Nicotine Replacement Therapy to manage cravings


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Alcohol Use Disorder


Our evidence-based, digital Alcohol Use Disorder program will help members change their use of alcohol and lead them to a healthier lifestyle through:

Physician-led clinical care

Dedicated addiction recovery counselors

On-demand digital cognitive behavioral therapy

A connected alcohol breathalyzer device to read alcohol levels and help track progress

Support from Neuroscience Therapeutic Resource CenterSM clinicians


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Opioid Use Disorder


Our comprehensive digital program can offer members with Opioid Use Disorder the potential for both recovery and preventing recurrence through:

Physician-led clinical care

Dedicated addiction recovery counselors

On-demand digital cognitive behavioral therapy

At-home testing through urine samples to monitor progress and ensure member safety

Support from Neuroscience Therapeutic Resource CenterSM clinicians


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Treatment Adherence

Our digital Injection Care Management System empowers patients with at-home therapy regimens for inflammatory conditions to stay on track with their injections and includes:

Personalized and interactive medication reminders

Mobile medication management and records

Safe, discrete and sustainable disposal of medical waste


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Driving better health. Delivering more value.
We’re leveraging our clinical and digital expertise and scale to ensure best value for vetted digital health solutions. And through Express Scripts, our strategic service provider, we layer on specialized member support to ensure safety, effectiveness, and optimal outcomes.
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Select what makes the most sense for your population's unique needs.

Our best-in-class digital health solutions can be adopted individually, allowing you to choose only the most relevant tools for your plan.

Secure the benefits members have come to expect with confidence, knowing that we’re providing: 

End-to-end contracting

Data-driven engagement campaigns

Eased administrative burdens

Competitive pricing

Clinically sound digital solutions

Condition-specific pharmacist support

Stringent security and privacy compliance

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Discover how these solutions can change health and financial outcomes for the better.
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Taking Connected Care Even Further

Many of our recommended digital health solutions are also leveraged in Health Connect 360, the most comprehensive clinical care model on the market today. This platform works by evaluating pharmacy, medical and lab data to identify health, safety, and savings opportunities.

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