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2023 Health Care in Focus Report

Key insights we're focusing on as we look towards the future of health care.

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Focus Forward

Evernorth Health Services connects flexible pharmacy, care and benefit solutions backed by data, insights and advanced analytics. By listening carefully to the voices of those we serve—including their unique perspectives, motivations and concerns—we are better equipped to respond, evolve and build trust.

Highlighting real experiences to inform and drive change

In partnership with Ipsos, Evernorth conducted a nationwide survey of more than 3,600 consumers, employers and health plan leaders to understand the challenges at the forefront of health care today.

This valuable data targets specific concerns plan sponsors should keep in mind to stay ahead of market dynamics that have a potential impact on their members and plans.

Our analysis revealed three key insights:

  • Key Insight 01
    There's an increased risk of gaps in care without hybrid care models, including virtual and in-person options.
  • Key Insight 02
    Rising costs and challenges to access are increasingly shifting dynamics as they relate to consumers' care.
  • Key Insight 03
    Acknowledgment and investment don't immediately yield a solution to behavioral health challenges; there's more work to do.
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These findings offer perspective that can help us improve health care access, efficiency, and predictability. And throughout the entire care journey, build connections for all.


Navigating COVID-19

The pandemic made a direct impact on specific drugs, classes and even the flu vaccine. It led to better adherence in critical categories and increased use of medications to treat mental health conditions.


Behavioral health disconnect

With greater cultural transparency on behavioral health, stigma around seeking treatment is diminishing. However, a concerning number of consumers report their behavioral health has deteriorated. This seems to defy concerted efforts.


The 2023 Health Care in Focus insights are based on data collected from two December 2022 surveys conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Evernorth. In total, 3002 consumers, 575 employers, and 75 health plan leaders were surveyed.

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