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Evernorth Workplace Care

Delivering high-quality care where you are—with convenient onsite or virtual access to  workplace-based health and wellness centers, health coaching and wellness events.

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Greater access. Better outcomes.
Real savings.

By partnering with Evernorth Workplace Care, you can bring high-quality, dedicated health and wellness services directly to your employees, either at the worksite, virtually or through a hybrid model.

This proactive approach for managing population health provides your employees with greater access to convenient care while delivering better outcomes and driving lower costs.

Health care challenges for today’s workforce.

For employees, it’s more challenging than ever to access quality, convenient health care—which can lead to delays in treatment, increased use of urgent care centers and emergency rooms plus higher out-of-pocket costs.

Average number of days to wait for a doctor’s appointment.1

1. For 15 of the largest U.S. cities; Merritt Hawkins and AMN Healthcare. “2022 Survey of Physician Appointment Wait Times and Medicare and Medicaid Acceptance Rates.”

Sept. 2022


of Americans do not have a relationship with a primary care physician.2

2 hours

Average time a doctor's appointment takes out of your day.

3. Harvard Medical School. “Paying for Health Care with Time.” 

Oct. 2015

Solutions that work as hard as your employees.

By connecting your employees to Evernorth Workplace Care health centers and coaches, they not only maximize their employer-sponsored benefits but experience better health outcomes, greater access to high-quality care and lower costs.

Maximizes benefits for greater employee satisfaction

Helps close gaps in care through dedicated providers

High-quality care at low (or no) cost to employees

Convenient access to care at the workplace or virtually

Medical Professional looks at tablet

Complementary set of solutions.

With a broad set of workplace-based health and wellness  services, we adapt and scale our solutions to fit the unique  needs of each employer and their employees.

Evernorth Health & Wellness Centers 

Evernorth Health & Wellness Suites

Evernorth Custom Coaching

Evernorth Wellness & Prevention Solutions

Evernorth Health & Wellness Centers

Provide a broad scope of health services conveniently located at or near the worksite.

Include primary, preventive and acute care, wellness programs, biometric screenings, condition management and care coordination.

Offer easy access to virtual care visits through the MyChart© patient portal with the dedicated providers from the Health & Wellness Center.

Evernorth Health & Wellness Suites

Integrate the latest technology to ensure a seamless connection to deliver acute, primary and preventive care at the worksite.

Use state-of-the-art medical diagnostic devices to connect patients to virtual providers with the assistance of a registered nurse.

Offer easy integration with Custom Coaching from Evernorth Workplace Care, allowing for a more holistic health care experience.

Evernorth Custom Coaching

Connects employees with a highly skilled health coach for face-to-face, video or telephone sessions.

Takes a holistic approach to help employees set and accomplish goals, manage chronic conditions and encourage healthy behaviors. 

Integrates easily with Evernorth Health & Wellness Centers and Evernorth Health & Wellness Suites.

Evernorth Wellness & Prevention Solutions

Offer biometric screenings to provide insights into the health of your workforce and help you create a population health roadmap.

Provide analytics to aid you in designing the best programs  to promote preventive care, reduce claims and manage chronic conditions. 

Include screenings that measure blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), glucose and cholesterol.

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Greater access. Better outcomes. Real savings.
All for a healthier, more vibrant workforce.
Evernorth Workplace Care helps solve today’s health care challenges for you and your employees.
Together, we can drive better health outcomes for your organization—while driving down costs. Let’s get started.
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