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Health is the engine that drives us. Let’s fuel it together. With Evernorth Workplace Care, you can bring quality care and wellness programs to the workplace, making employee health care more convenient and cost-effective.

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Health care challenges in the workforce

When a doctor’s appointment takes an average of 2+ hours, it’s no surprise that 54% of Americans are postponing doctor visits when they can’t take time off. But lack of time is not the only aspect that impacts employee health care:

  • Employees are unable to find high quality physicians at a low cost
  • Remote employees experience a short supply of primary care
  • Employees with chronic conditions need access to more resources

Health solutions that work as hard as your employees

By reducing the amount of time that employees are away from work, you can help improve productivity, and reduce health care costs, creating a healthier culture and a healthier bottom line. By delivering custom care directly to employees, Evernorth Workplace Care empowers people to take control—and take their health to new heights.

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Delivering affordable, convenient access to care.

Our Evernorth Workplace Care solution isn’t a one-size-fits-all model. Using data-driven insights, we’ll customize a solution that addresses your organization’s most pressing needs—creating a more affordable, predictable, and simple health care experience.
Actionable Insights

With demographic and population health data, we custom-fit solutions to your organization’s unique workforce

Data is integrated seamlessly throughout the patient experience, closing gaps in care and maximizing plan benefits

Metrics reporting provides a clear picture of ROI

Whole-person health

Insights empower a culture of proactive wellness that focuses on the whole person—body and mind

Total population health programs target high risk patients and offer chronic condition management, preventing high-cost claims and lowering the total cost of care

Connected Care Approach

Evernorth Workplace Care serves as a hub for employees’ medical needs, making it simpler to navigate the health care system

We ensure employees utilize the correct resources and community providers so they get the right care at the right time

Connects patients to high-value referrals to help close gaps in care

Evernorth Workplace Care Solutions

Connects employees with a highly skilled wellness coach for face-to-face (or video/telephonic) sessions. Coaches take a holistic approach to help employees set and accomplish goals, manage chronic conditions and encourage healthy behaviors. Available as part of an Evernorth Wellness Center or as a standalone offering.

  • Improves health outcomes by focusing on weight, nutrition, condition management,
    medication adherence and more
  • Increases employee engagement by developing trusting relationships and empowers them to meet their health goals
  • Improves quality of care by coordinating with high-quality network physicians and facilities
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A Wellness Center offers services ranging from acute care to primary care, as well as customized services such as pharmacy and physical therapy, at or near the worksite. Our connected care approach enables clinicians to deliver holistic support specific to each person's needs for better health outcomes and reduced medical costs for both employees and organizations.

  • Empowers employees to access health care quickly and conveniently
  • Minimizes time away from work when accessing care and when recovering from illness
  • Maximizes referral patterns to high quality/low cost providers when issues can’t be resolved onsite
  • Closes gaps in care using evidence-based medicine and guided care
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A Virtual Wellness Center integrates the latest technology to ensure a seamless connection to care—with an expanded scope of services that include primary and acute care, biometric screenings, wellness, chronic disease management, coaching, and care coordination. Using state-of-the-art TytoCare™ devices, patients connect to remote providers with the assistance of a Registered Nurse at their worksite or on their own from a location of their choice.

  • Empowers employees to access health care quickly and conveniently
  • Minimizes time away from work when accessing care and when recovering from illness
  • Saves on medical costs for both employees and organizations
  • Closes gaps in care using evidence-based medicine and guided care
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Prevention and Wellness solutions offer a convenient way to conduct biometric screenings, which provide key insights into personal health numbers (employee level) and population health metrics (organizational level). Screenings are conducted through Quest Diagnostics, an integrated biometric screening supplier and include blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), glucose and cholesterol levels and more.

  • Delivers actionable insights to help understand population health and develop appropriate wellness benefits and strategies
  • Provides personalized recommendations for employees around goal setting, coaching and other wellness services
  • Engages employees in their health to promote preventive care, reduce claims and
    prevent chronic conditions
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Take the first step to elevate employee health.
Evernorth Workplace Care empowers you and your employees to take control
— and take health to new heights.
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