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Discover EncircleRx, a data-driven portfolio that helps plan sponsors reduce costs and enhance outcomes for cardiodiabesity—cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

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What is Cardiodiabesity?

The connection linking cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity

Nearly 42% of the United States is obese.1 Many Americans are doing everything they can to shed extra weight—even if that means using off-label medications which are in short supply for those who desperately need them—but prevalence of obesity remains high. Unaddressed, this challenge often leads to dire and expensive health consequences.

Up to 53% of new type 2 diabetes cases in the U.S. today are linked to obesity, meaning that over half of diabetes cases could be prevented by more effective obesity treatment.2

Of those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, 85% have high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure, putting them at risk for a third, potentially fatal comorbidity: cardiovascular disease.3

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2. American Heart Association, 2021.
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Cardiodiabesity is a hybrid term that describes the relationship between cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and obesity. It's becoming a widely recognized and urgent concern among health care researchers, providers, plans and most of all, patients.
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Cardiodiabesity affects health care costs as one of the most expensive condition categories to treat.

Diagnosis, acute care episodes and long-term management all result in significant medical and pharmacy costs over time.

annual U.S. medical costs for obesity4



4. CDC, 2022, resources/publications/factsheets/nutrition.html


annual cost of health care services, medications and productivity loss due to heart disease5


5. CDC, 2021, healthtopics/heartdisease/index.htm


the cost of diagnosed diabetes in one year6



6. CDC, 2021,

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Cardiodiabesity is complicated…but its benefits management doesn’t have to be.

Health Plans to Combat Cardiodiabesity

Addressing the complexity of these conditions requires a tailored, data-driven and innovative approach to both decrease pharmacy spend and save lives.

Evernorth’s transparent, proactive and innovative capabilities come together to help plans manage cardiodiabesity, unlocking a benefit that tackles this high-cost and highly prevalent disease category in a more streamlined way.

Cardiodiabesity will be the first solution from the EncircleRx portfolio and will provide optionality to manage trend and improve patient outcomes by disease state.

Our approach targets complex pain points to achieve lower costs and deliver better outcomes for plans and members.

To open the doors to less wasteful spending and healthier populations, the key is to connect data and deliver results by:
Man and woman looking at presentation screen


Unlocking client-specific insights


Our performance dashboard can integrate your medical data to assess clinical and financial performance for greater insights.

Man and woman reviewing tablet in woman's left hand


Unlocking integrated vendor partnerships


New vendor relationships are in development to expand and streamline our diagnostic and intervention capabilities—supporting members in their health journey and providing visibility to support closing gaps in care.

Man at home looking down at glucometer


Unlocking savings on pharmacy benefit


We are working to allow optionality at the client level to reduce drug spend while still allowing access for those in need.

Changing the narrative with enhanced care delivery

By aligning incentives with patient outcomes and addressing their most pressing needs, Evernorth brings better value to patients and plans.
Close gaps in care

and delay or prevent the onset of comorbid conditions, reducing the need for interventions.

Combat costs

with personalized recommendations that identify both clinical and financial opportunities during treatment of these costly conditions. 

Improve outcomes

through a combination of plan design, innovative measures and utilization management considerations.

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Want to learn more?
Please contact your account representative or consultant relations director to learn how Evernorth can help provide optionality in managing cardiodiabesity trend.
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