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Simply Save RxSM

The simpler way to spend less.

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Managing the pharmacy benefit has never been more complex

Wasteful drug spend is a painful reality that continues to persist across the market. With low clinical value brands and high-cost generics gaining more traction and adding to the complexity, members, prescribers and pharmacies need a more straightforward way to optimize drug spend—without compromising on clinical effectiveness.

While formulary and utilization management remain key pillars of drug optimization, a robust strategy must also include educating key stakeholders of savings opportunities in a meaningful way.

Individual drug optimization solutions only solve part of the problem. 
A simple, end-to-end solution that delivers results for plans is now 
a reality.

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Simply Save Rx: The simpler way to spend less

Express Scripts by Evernorth is deploying a single, holistic package of industry-leading capabilities that drive drug cost savings for plans.

Simply Save Rx gives plans an easy path to lowering their drug spend. 
No need to navigate across an array of drug optimization solutions. 
No obstacles. No detours. All clear.

This one-stop-shop offering spans across the pharmacy supply chain to ensure that members have access to the lowest cost, most clinically appropriate therapies available. It’s the simpler way to solve the complex problem of wasteful drug spend.

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Delivering greater savings for all

Our scale and capabilities enable us to identify savings opportunities at each touchpoint:

Pharmacy directed strategies identify savings opportunities at the point-of-sale and create targeted drug interventions

Soft pharmacy messages at point of sale alert the pharmacy on cost savings opportunities for their patients

For select high-cost generics, members are provided the lower net cost brand medication at the generic cost share

Prescriber and patient directed strategies inform and encourage the use of alternatives that generate savings for the member and plan

Dedicated pharmacy team performs live and digital outreach to prescribers and patients on non-preferred medication to drive lower cost alternatives at retail and home delivery 

Benefit directed strategies ensure stronger utilization controls and rapid responses to market events are in place

Block drugs and devices that are not approved by the FDA, at time of market availability, preventing wasteful utilization

Enroll in Simply Save Rx and discover the simpler way to:

Identify wasteful spending
Connect members and providers to cost-effective therapies
Solve the complex problem of wasteful drug spend
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Unleash the power of
drug optimization

Simply Save Rx opportunities are integrated into the Savings Advisor engine, driving an enhanced member experience. Savings Advisor is enabled for all clients today. This fully integrated experience uses unmatched data available only to the PBM, connecting product experiences and medication pricing into one simplified savings solution.

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