The Lab by EvernorthSM

The Lab by EvernorthSM is our immersive accelerator of market-disrupting insights and solutions. It’s where we use data and analytics to better identify and understand the health care challenges you and your members face today. Together, we can leverage this intelligence to create real-world solutions and prepare for what comes next.

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Unlock New Ways to Improve Health Care

When we think about improving health care, our goal is to find new opportunities to reduce costs, increase quality, and create health care experiences that are truly equitable. We welcome you to partner with us as we pilot and develop ideas that close gaps in care, enhance member experience, and maximize business value. Using our insights, expertise, and relationships, we’ll work with you to innovate the future of health care that best suits you and your members.

A curious, committed, and compassionate team

We bring our leading experts together and work alongside our clients and partners to pilot, perfect, and launch improvements to patient care. Meet our team:

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