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Enhance Your Wellbeing with Evernorth's Home-Based Care Services

Bringing care to you ─ right at home.

Evernorth delivers high-quality medical care that you would  expect from a primary care clinic in the convenience of your home. Whether performing a general wellness exam, managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, or addressing new symptoms, we bring the care to you. 

With home-based care, you will have access to a diverse team including doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists and more who will make sure that you receive the right care for your health needs. All in the convenience of your home.

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In-Home Primary Care

Your in-home primary care team

Care team
Your team will be led by a trusted doctor, nurse practitioner or nurse that can help with everything from the common cold, to managing diabetes to complex issues like heart failure. We'll also coordinate your care with your current doctors to help you improve your overall health and well-being.

Get help with your medications—our team helps with everything from understanding your drug costs, to setting up home-delivery and more.

Care coordination

Not feeling your best can be stressful and make you feel anxious and uncertain. Our navigators will help reduce your burden by coordinating visits and services with your care team to help take control of your health.

Health coaching and tools

We provide coaching, navigation support and counseling—making it easier for patients and their families to track and manage all aspects of their care. This includes tools and resources for caregivers, too.

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Annual Wellness Visit

Wellness & Preventive Care

Schedule an in-home annual wellness visit

Preventive care is important for your overall health. We make it easy for you by bringing the right care right to your home.

Personalized visit

You'll get one-on-one time, without feeling rushed. Plus, you won't have to worry about transportation to your doctor's office or spending time in a waiting room. We'll come to you.

Informed health decisions

Our in-home assessments help recognize health factors that will assist in connecting you to plan benefits, services and local resources you need. Led by experienced and caring nurse practitioners, these personalized visits take place in the comfort of home.


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Early detection and screenings

Screening for bone density, cholesterol, blood pressure and more can help spot health issues early when treatment can be most effective.

What to expect during your visit

Before your visit

We typically call or text 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to confirm. 

We will come to you—you’ll get the care you need in the comfort of your home.

Please have medications you’re taking, your current medical records and health plan customer ID ready for the provider.


During your visit

This is YOUR time to have a one-on-one conversation with one of our nurse practitioners (NPs).

You can ask any health-related questions you may have.

It's all about you—and your overall health. We will talk with you about your medications and health history. We may recommend preventive care screenings or other simple tests.

After your visit

Your primary care doctor will receive a health summary from your visit to review.

Wellness visits are a great way to stay on top of your health between regular doctor visits. 

In-home primary care patients can call us 24/7 if you need to speak with your provider. We will work with your providers to make sure your care is connected.

Patient Education Materials

Sleep better: Five habits for a good night's sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, it affects how well you think, learn,
and get along with others. Over time, lack of sleep can affect your heart health, immune system, and weight. Download the flyer below to learn more.



Be heart smart: Know your numbers

Taking care of your heart starts with keeping track of a few important numbers. That way, you and your doctor can talk about actions you may need to take. Download the flyer below to learn more. 



Frequently asked questions

Evernorth Health Services is a part of The Cigna Group that works with many health plans. Evernorth offers in-home primary care, annual wellness visits, preventive care and additional home-based services.

Your health plan feels that you would benefit from services where a clinical team member would see you in the comfort of your home.

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If our doctor or nurse practitioner has a suggestion to improve your care, we will discuss this with you and partner with your other doctors to decide on the best course of action.

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Your health and safety is our first priority. We pledge to treat you with respect and dignity, and to inform you of your rights in plain and clear language before any services are performed. Throughout the duration of your treatment, we offer assistance in a prompt, courteous and confidential manner to protect your rights. 

Your diagnosis, evaluation, plan of care and prognosis will be conveyed in terms you understand and with respect to your individuality, choices, strengths and abilities. You will be informed of any risks and complications associated with a proposed procedure or treatment plan, as well as any alternative paths available to you. 

We will provide a list of Evernorth health professionals that you can choose to see, or we will refer you to other health professionals when necessary. If you have any concerns, complaints or opinions about your care and benefits, we will provide you with the means to express them and will be there to guide you as much as possible to a satisfying resolution.

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In-Home Primary Care: 

Patients enrolled in our in-home primary care program receive regular visits from a primary care provider (PCP) who is a doctor or nurse practitioner. Unlike home care aids, nurses, or other professionals who may come to your home already, our PCPs are able to order lab work, write prescriptions and more. Receiving primary care services in the home is convenient and encourages independence by eliminating the hassle and wait times associated with traditional, in-office doctor's appointments. 

Transition of Care: 

Evernorth provides an extra layer of support for patients and their doctors by addressing in-home care needs when transitioning from hospitalization. An Evernorth nurse, or a member of your care team, will provide you with the care, education and resources needed to help ensure a smooth transition from the hospital. Our care team will help you better prepare to take care of your health condition once you’re back home. 

Wellness and Preventive Care: 
In-home preventive health visits are recommended by your health plan and primary care physician (PCP). Health plan members find that having a nurse practitioner come to their home for an annual wellness visit can save copays from multiple doctor’s office visits. You can avoid transportation challenges and waiting room time with an in-home visit, too. When the provider is in your home, they can also recommend preventive care screenings you may benefit from.

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Yes! Our care team partners with your current primary care doctor to enhance your healthcare experience. If you are enrolled for in-home primary care services, you have the option to select us as your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or can choose to continue seeing us in conjunction with your current doctor.

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All of our services are covered by your health plan. We will verify your health insurance information before scheduling an appointment to make sure that you are eligible. Depending on your coverage, we may charge a copay for in-home primary care services.

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We are in many states across the country and are continuing to expand. Currently, we offer in-home wellness visits in 17 states and Washington, D.C. In-home primary care is currently available in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Nashville, Houston, Birmingham, Chicago, Phoenix and south Texas.

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Contact us if you need more information about in-home primary care. Call 877-663-1333 or email us to learn more.
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