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Evernorth Clinical Trial Solutions

Unlock health care research with Evernorth Clinical Trial Solutions, enabling study sponsors to uncover social determinants, behavioral health trends and care costs.

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Enabling clinical research that moves health care forward

Clinical trials help determine the safety and efficacy of new drugs and medical devices.

Evernorth Clinical Trial Solutions connects a vast network of patients, payers and providers to clinical research opportunities to better understand emerging treatment options and power innovation.

We integrate data and insights from our partners across health care, including Express Scripts and Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, and incorporate a deep understanding of social determinants of health (SDOH) to ensure holistic, equitable and inclusive analysis of patient experiences inside and outside clinical settings.

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Evernorth Clinical Trial Solutions

We support each phase of the clinical trial process to help you perform quality, actionable analysis, efficiently and effectively. Our suite of solutions includes:
Study design and protocol optimization with leading research expertise
Study and site planning to identify the right site for your study purposes
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Investigator and referral sources through our connected network of physicians and industry partners
Direct patient outreach for accelerated recruitment of clinical trial participants
Real world evidence generation by linking longitudinal patient and claim data

Access unparalleled insights

Evernorth Clinical Trial Solutions unites medical and pharmacy data for millions of lives, allowing you to reach a wider range of candidates for your clinical trial research.

unique patients


medical claims


prescription claims


years of historical data

Addressing social determinants of health for equitable study planning

80% of people's health is affected by what happens outside the clinical setting.

Evernorth Clinical Trial Solutions creates study sites in underserved and high need areas. Studies are designed with the needs and challenges of these areas in mind to improve recruitment success and patient satisfaction. Our data and outreach ability for prescriber or pharmacy profiling enables a variety of clinical trial support:
Targeted list

Doctors or pharmacies who are ideal candidates for you to contact and educate as referral sources

a pin on a map
Prevalence map

Show location and density of patients in relation to prescribers


Direct contact via phone, fax or letter

Plan equitable studies with Evernorth Social Determinants Index

Contact us for a demo of this interactive tool for visualizing density of eligible patients for studies, their providers, and proximity to study sites.

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