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There’s truth in health care data.

At the Evernorth Research Institute, we analyze anonymized, patient-level clinical and administrative data, and industry data to unlock intelligence that prompts action—troubling trends and potential challenges that may affect your beneficiaries and your business, and what to do about them. 

Our work leverages large and robust data sets, enabling us produce intelligence that sparks change and health care innovation. 

Health care innovation that works for you.

We have our sights set on better health for all—more affordable, more effective, and more equitable. In the ever-changing world of health care, the Evernorth Research Institute is tackling clients’ and patients’ biggest health care challenges to better understand and uncover opportunities for breakthrough improvements. 

We give our clients and the industry useful, actionable information to make decisions that increase access to quality care and lower overall costs. Partner with us in our research to share in our discoveries and support tomorrow’s advancements.

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Research: Employers must strengthen their approach to family behavioral health

New research highlights the state of youth mental health and the depth of the challenges facing working parents who care for young people with mental health issues.

Teen mental health

Our Latest Findings

Research: Employers must strengthen their approach to family behavioral health

New research highlights the state of youth mental health and the depth of the challenges facing working parents who care for young people with mental health issues.


Evernorth Research Institute

Study: Progression of cardiodiabesity increases care utilization and costs

The Evernorth Research Institute’s latest cardiodiabesity report helps illustrate sites of care where preventive interventions can make the greatest financial impact.


Evernorth Research Institute

Study: Cardiodiabesity prevention key to improving health outcomes and lowering costs

A new report from the Evernorth Research Institute looked at data from almost 5 million insured individuals to understand the prevalence of cardiodiabesity.


Evernorth Research Institute

Disease-Modifying Medications in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the USA: Trends from 2016 to 2021

Newer disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) have recently been approved, influencing treatment patterns and clinical guidelines...


Drugs – Real World Outcomes

Oncology Pathways Drive Adoption of High-Quality Treatment Regimens and Deliver Drug Cost Savings

On­cology clinical pathways can help bridge knowledge gaps for providers and ensure patients get quality, affordable cancer care...


Journal of Clinical Pathways

Immune checkpoint inhibitor medications: A game-changer in cancer treatments

A new report from the Evernorth Research Institute offers insights that can help health plans optimize cancer care.


Evernorth Research Institute

22% of People Have a Diagnosed Behavioral Condition. They Account for 41% of Health Care Spend.

New research suggests that a robust ecosystem inclusive of early identification, along with personalized care pathways with patient-to-provider matching, can result in improved outcomes.


Evernorth Research Institute

Predicting Patient Mortality for Earlier Palliative Care Identification in Medicare Advantage Plans: Features of a Machine Learning Model

This study describes the development of a binary classification machine learning model predicting 1-year mortality among Medicare Advantage plan members aged ≥65 years.


JMIR Publications

More Cervical Cancer Screenings. More Lives Saved.

Improving access to regular cervical cancer screenings, especially for women in underserved communities, is key to reducing mortality rates.


Evernorth Research Institute

A By-the-Numbers Look at the 2022-2023 Flu Season

Our data shows a higher prevalence of prescriptions filled for antiviral medications than in previous flu seasons.


Evernorth Research Institute

Americans in Motion: The Total Cost of Managing Musculoskeletal Conditions

Wear and tear conditions are the leading driver of musculoskeletal-related care and costs in the United States.


Evernorth Research Institute

Association of outpatient behavioral health treatment with medical and pharmacy costs in the first 27 months following a new behavioral health diagnosis in the US.

Investigating whether individuals newly diagnosed with a BHC who used outpatient behavioral health treatment incurred lower medical and pharmacy costs...


JAMA Network Open

A Worsening Depression Crisis in Teens

COVID-19 and other recent events have likely exacerbated stress and depression among teenagers in the United States.


Evernorth Research Institute

Cost Burden Impacts Cancer Patient Service Utilization Behavior in a US Commercial Plan

This research investigates how income level and total out-of-pocket costs interact to influence the service utilization behavior of insured adult cancer patients with a comorbid mental or behavioral health diagnosis.


American Journal of Health Behavior

Underserved Communities at Greater Risk for Non-adherence to Diabetes Medication

EGSDI identifies opportunities for proactive patient and community engagement for individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes...


Evernorth Research Institute

How to Prevent a Spike in Lung Cancer Diagnoses

There has been a steady decline in cancer deaths over the past couple of decades, driven by a significant decrease in the death rate for lung cancer...


Evernorth Research Institute

Loneliness influences avoidable absenteeism and turnover intention reported by adult workers in the United States

This study explores how loneliness and other related factors may influence avoidable absenteeism and turnover intention.


Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance

Twelve month oral contraceptive pill prescriptions: Role of policy mandates on utilization

Recent studies have suggested that extended duration oral contraceptive pills (OCP), such as the 12-month duration, have a positive impact on... 


Exploratory Research in Clinical and Social Pharmacy

Use of Smoking Cessation Medications Significantly Decline Amid Pandemic

After cigarette smoking among American adults hit an all-time low in 2018, new findings by Evernorth Research Institute suggests that smoking may be on the rise...


Evernorth Research Institute

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on new starts to oral oncology medications in the U.S.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on healthcare delivery. Although others have documented the impact on new cancer...


Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice

Effects of a Remotely Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Coaching Program on the Self-Rated Functional Disability of Participants with Low Back Pain

This study describes changes in self-rated functional disability in a sample of plan members participating in a remotely delivered cognitive behavioral coaching program for commercial health plan members with low back pain.


Quality Improvement

Changes in Type 2 Diabetes Medication Utilization and Costs in the United States, 2014-2019

The objective of this study was to describe national changes in utilization and associated costs of antidiabetic medications in the United States from...


Medical Care

Impact of a diabetes remote monitoring program on medication adherence

Medication nonadherence in diabetes is well documented to be associated with inadequate glycemic control. Through remote blood...


Journal of Managed Care + Specialty Pharmacy

Health care utilization and costs associated with switching from DPP-4I to GLP-1RA or SGLT2i

Because of improved clinical outcomes, recent American Diabetes Association guidelines recommend the use of newer antidiabetic agents...


Journal of Managed Care + Specialty Pharmacy

Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Opioid Utilization in Patients Diagnosed with Pain

Given efforts to reduce opioid use, and because marijuana potentially offers a lower-risk alternative for treating chronic pain, there is interest in...


Journal of General Internal Medicine

Transforming Health Care.

Our goal is to create more connected, compatible and convenient experiences for patients, providers and plan sponsors—and we believe transforming health care’s biggest challenges is the right place to start.

What does that transformation look like? For patients, it may be greater access and lower costs. For providers, it may be more transparency and greater collaboration across specialties. For plan sponsors, it may be reducing the administrative burden so many experience. 

Transformation isn’t easy, but at the Evernorth Research Institute, we believe it is possible when it is purposeful and rooted in research. 

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