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Comprehensive and innovative health services offerings for a seamless member journey.

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Musculoskeletal (MSK) Care

With advanced predictive models and adaptive artificial intelligence, we can identify members at elevated risk for musculoskeletal surgeries up to a year in advance with a high degree of accuracy so we can engage and guide them to appropriate care options that can help avoid surgery.1

1. Accuracy metric is an “overall model performance measure” in which people are ranked in the right order 80% of the time. For some use cases, the model is set to a True Positive threshold that determines the how much of the target population is predicted and identifies the number of false positives. The model helps to identify “high risk pain/osteo” customers.

Behavioral Health

With appropriate behavioral health planning and treatment intervention, you can save up to $1,377 of medical costs per person per year.2

2. Behavioral Health Care Reduces Medical Costs | Evernorth

Home-Based Care

With a complete in-home population health and clinical services business, we are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of patients, providers and customers by delivering results with our risk-based model.

Direct Health

With a full suite of customizable worksite care solutions including industry-leading Health & Wellness Centers, Health Coaching and Biometric Screenings, we can deliver health care cost savings up to $1,070 per employee per year.3

3. Based on internal analysis of Evernorth Direct Health, LLC book of business for centers/coaches operational for full year 2020. Actual customer/client results will vary and are not guaranteed.


Elevate productivity, quality of life, and whole-person health, with accessible behavioral and clinical care.
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Evernorth Health Services

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Comprehensive behavioral health solutions that put members first.

Behavioral health can feel complicated. Care shouldn’t be. That’s why we ensure our solutions provide connectivity, compatibility and convenience.


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In response to these changing tides, Evernorth leveraged more than 25 years of enterprise experience with in-home primary care, post-acute care (PAC) management, and advanced analytics, as well as our broader enterprise assets, to create a game-changing offering: Evernorth Home-Based Care.


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Our Evernorth Direct Health solution isn’t a one-size-fits-all model. Using data-driven insights, we’ll customize a solution that addresses your organization’s most pressing needs. Creating a more affordable, predictable, and simple health care experience.


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More than 50% of Americans aged 18 and over1 suffer aches and pains due to bone, joint, or muscle conditions, also known as musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. But care for these conditions is fragmented, resulting in frustrating member experiences, ineffective treatments, and unnecessary spend.


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Health Connect 360SM provides a transformative solution by connecting the right people with real-time data to deliver guaranteed clinical outcomes and financial savings.


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