The Power and Potential of Virtual Care

As demand for virtual health care surges, Evernorth announces acquisition of long-term partner, MDLIVE, with a vision to create an affordable, convenient and connected care experience for consumers.

From cost to complexity to quality, there is tremendous potential for progress in health care. Customers expect more convenient care interactions, and COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated this need.

Evernorth and MDLIVE share a common vision and passion for changing health care for the better. That is why today we announced a definitive agreement to acquire MDLIVE, a privately held, leading 24/7 virtual care delivery platform, and long-time partner. Upon completion, we believe this transaction will provide Evernorth with a highly complementary platform that will rapidly expand our capabilities to deliver a more affordable, convenient and connected patient care experience.

With MDLIVE, Evernorth will be positioned to build a new model of care delivery, one that delivers a connected experience with greater affordability, predictability and simplicity, and one that can support health plans as they advance their own care delivery models for the future.

This is a mutually beneficial transaction, and a natural evolution of our relationship. For MDLIVE, this transaction will help accelerate their growth strategy and ability to serve more customers, while also building new services that will benefit their employees, partners, patients, customers, health plans and providers. Evernorth will gain an industry-leading platform, and a passionate and pioneering workforce that made virtual care a reality, and an essential and life-saving service during the pandemic.

Together, we imagine a new end-to-end care experience to complement – not replace – the way customers and patients interact with their existing providers to achieve:

  • earlier identification and diagnosis of critical care needs;
  • faster and more seamless referrals to high-performing providers, including specialists and behavioral health; and
  • more convenient access to appropriate, affordable sites of service, and pharmaceutical fulfillment.

MDLIVE will be part of the new, differentiated and future-state care solutions that improve the patient experience, close the patient-provider accessibility gap, and bring providers opportunities to augment the services they currently offer.

Evernorth is focused on making health care more affordable, personalized and simple. Virtual care is another resource to enable these goals. As one, Evernorth and MDLIVE can accelerate meaningful change, and make virtual care not just a vehicle for treatment, but a health care destination.