Health Care In Focus Report

Three key insights for driving action and change.

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Focus Forward

The previous year amplified many unique challenges that emerged during the early days of the pandemic—while simultaneously giving rise to new patterns. By examining the pervasive attitudes, motivations, and concerns from the past year, we are better equipped to anticipate future challenges, drive action, and create change.

Evernorth uncovers consumer and business insights you can use.

As a health care partner, we are committed to bringing about change, especially by listening. Evernorth partnered with Ipsos to conduct a nationwide survey of more than 3,000 consumers with employer-sponsored health insurance.

The study also included more than 575 Human Resources decision-makers (HRDMs) who select and manage employee benefits for their organization, along with 58 health plan leaders (HPLs) who determine which benefits, partners, and suppliers health plans offer to groups and clients.


Our analysis of the data revealed three key insights:

  • Key Insight 01
    Success relies on a balanced, hybrid model that
    integrates in-person care with virtual solutions.
  • Key Insight 02
    Despite greater interest and investment in behavioral health, plan sponsors and members could be better aligned.
  • Key Insight 03
    Plan sponsors can benefit from partnering with members on affordability and access to care, in order to restore order amid the challenges of COVID-19.
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These findings point the way forward, fueling our
determination to take on tough
challenges and elevate health for all.


Hybrid Health Care

The pandemic normalized virtual care. Yet many consumers still actively opt for in-person care. This suggests the need for a hybrid approach to care that better balances payer and patient preferences.


Interest + Investment Disconnect

Both consumers and plan sponsors know the vital role of behavioral health. Yet, while members seek a workplace culture that supports their mental health, plan sponsors are more focused on independent behavioral health solutions. 


Access and Affordability

As concerns about health and well-being become the new standard, the pandemic will likely have a powerful effect on members and plan sponsors for years to come.


Health Care in Focus insights are based on data collected from two surveys by Ipsos on behalf of Evernorth, conducted in November, 2021.

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