The Facts About Express Scripts

As a leading pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), Express Scripts manages pharmacy services and lowers drug spend for health plans, employers, labor unions and government agencies. Each year, Express Scripts saves approximately $64 billion1 for the nearly 100 million Americans and thousands of clients we serve—who choose Express Scripts for our proven track record of delivering significant savings and better clinical outcomes.


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1. Savings for patients and plan in 2023 through a combination of supply chain and clinical solutions

Customer and Pharmacist review paper and digital prescription

Express Scripts lowers the cost 
of prescription drugs in four ways:


We create safe, affordable access to medications across our network of nearly 64,000 pharmacies—all within 15 minutes of a person’s home or through home delivery in all 50 states


We negotiate with pharmaceutical manufacturers who set the price of prescription drugs—driving competition
to deliver lower net costs for clients  and consumers


We support clients on the creation of formularies—or lists of drugs—that include safe, effective and affordable medications for their covered populations


We provide clinical expertise and programs that help people get and stay on the medications they need—preventing disease progression and helping people live their healthiest lives

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Express Scripts, and other PBMs, are essential partners across the drug supply chain—helping clients drive down drug spend, lower consumer out-of-pocket costs, and improve medication access.
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