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Ensuring optionality in supporting patients and caregivers living with chronic and complex conditions. 

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Many complex and rare health conditions require specialty drugs

Plan sponsors have the option to customize their specialty pharmacy network in order to meet the needs of their most vulnerable patient populations. Express Scripts offers options including multiple specialty pharmacies that provide greater specialized care for these types of treatments than retail pharmacies, which are focused on a general population.

Holistic pharmacy benefits that offer access to affordable specialty options and robust clinical support

Clients choose the specialty pharmacy that works best for them

Express Scripts clients can choose from a range of specialty pharmacy partners, including Evernorth’s specialty pharmacy Accredo, which provides best-in-class, highly personalized care nationwide to patients with complex and chronic health conditions.

Express Scripts PBM and Accredo are separate Evernorth businesses

Clients are under no obligation to choose Accredo, but they often do so because of its clinical capabilities and strong and affordable offering, including best-in-class specialty drug access.

Accredo is a highly-specialized pharmacy

It offers a differentiated care model that is designed to meet the unique needs of the patient at every point along the care journey—from the start of therapy to monitoring to follow-up clinical care and education.

Accredo is the specialty pharmacy of choice for a broad range of PBMs, health plans and employers

Organizations across the healthcare industry recognize the superior benefits offered by Accredo, including coordinated care, leading drug access, and clinical expertise, as well as reduced costs and waste within the health care system. In fact, Accredo has relationships with all 25 of the top health plans in the U.S. and customers such as Prime Therapeutics and Kaiser Permanente.1

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