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The 2023 Health Care in Focus insights are based on data collected from two December 2022 surveys conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Evernorth. In total, 3002 consumers, 575 employers, and 75 health plan leaders were surveyed.

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Consumer Survey

Survey respondents were recruited by Ipsos. To participate, respondents must have health insurance coverage, including prescription drug coverage, for themselves or someone in their household through their employer or union, government employment or military/VA.






Health insurance coverage by age


Primary health insurance coverage

Decision-Makers Survey


To participate, HR decision-maker respondents must work full-time for a company with at least 1,000 employees that provides both medical and pharmacy benefits. The respondent must be a decision-maker when it comes to selecting and managing the employee benefits for their organization.


Health plan leader respondents had to be working full-time for a national or regional health plan serving 100,000 members. The respondent also had to be a decision-maker when it came to determining the benefits partners/suppliers that health plan offered to groups/clients.

Type of organization

Job title

Key Terms

Behavioral health

Refers to the promotion of mental health, resilience and well-being; the treatment of mental and substance use disorders; and the support of those who experience and/or are in recovery from these conditions, along with their families and communities.


Highly effective medicines made in living cells. Usually delivered by injection under the skin or by intravenous infusion, they improve health in many complex conditions.


Safe and clinically equivalent drugs that closely resemble existing biologic products.


Individual respondent who has health insurance coverage, including prescription drug coverage, through an employer or union, government employer or military/VA; may also be referred to as "employee" or "member" by plan sponsors.

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Digital care management tools

Incorporates technology, including software, hardware and virtual services, into the patient health experience. Can include electronic medical records, mobile health apps, telemetry, wearable devices and telemedicine.


Individual responsible for selecting and managing the employee benefits for accompany or other organization, such as a human resources decision-maker.

Health plan leader

Individual who works for a health plan organization in the health insurance industry and determines the benefits partners and/or suppliers that health plan offers to groups and/or clients.

Mental health

A subset of behavioral health that addresses emotional, psychological and social.

Plan sponsor

An employer or organization that offers a group health plan to its employees or members. Includes both employers and health plan leaders.

Telehealth/Virtual care

Electronic and telecommunications technologies and services used to provide care and services from a distance.

Whole-person health

Considers the physical, behavioral and social needs of a single patient as part of a whole system, with each element contributing to long-term outcomes.

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