Better Care + Savings

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Even in 2020, one trend held. For plans that took advantage of opportunities to help patients use the right drug—in the right amount and from the right pharmacy—the result was lower spending.

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We saved nearly $45 billion for patients and plans through our clinical solutions.


Total average drug spending across 27.3M lives in commercial plans with pharmacy benefits managed by Express Scripts increased 4% in 2020


Total average drug spending for more progressively managed commercial plans with at least three trend management solutions decreased by over 9% in 20201



1 Enrolled in ScreenRx® adherence solution, at least one SafeGuardRx® clinical affordability solution, and Advanced Utilization Management.


Nearly one-third of commercial plans spent less on drugs in 2020 vs. 2019


More than one-third of commercial plans had trend lower than the Consumer Price Index (1.4%) in 2020

Lower spending for plans using our SafeGuardRx programs


Nearly 80% of commercial plans participating in at least one of our SafeGuardRx programs had trend lower than 1.4%

Since 2015, our ever-expanding SafeGuardRx® platform has helped improve care and affordability for patients with the toughest medical conditions and their plans.

In 2020, participating plans, covering more than 28.6 million Americans, saw better care and lower spending than nonparticipating plans across every one of these therapeutic areas addressed by SafeGuardRx programs.


Drug trend for participating/nonparticipating plans in SafeGuardRx by therapeutic category, 2020