Podcast: Reimagining Mental Health Care with Evernorth’s Eva Borden

In this episode of the Health Unscripted Podcast, Eva Borden, president of Behavioral Health at Evernorth Health Services, sits down with Amy Ayrault, president of Evernorth’s new behavioral health provider practice, to discuss the current state of mental health in America and explore challenges in connecting people with quality mental health providers.

Poor mental health in the workforce can have a negative impact on a company’s bottom line. For example, research shows that employers see declines in work productivity from employees with symptoms of major depression. The problem is that many of the 45% of American adults struggling with mental health conditions are also struggling to find the care they need.

In this episode of the "Health Unscripted" podcast, Eva Borden, President of Behavioral Health at Evernorth, the health services division of The Cigna Group, talks about how a more proactive, guided and data-driven approach to mental health can make care better, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes.

Listeners will learn about:

  • How integrating medical, pharmacy and behavioral health can guide a proactive and data-driven approach to identifying people who are struggling
  • Real life examples of how data can drive personalized recommendations and interventions, as well as a more guided care experience
  • The challenges in finding good mental health providers, and opportunities in helping people navigate their options
  • How virtual care expands access to behavioral health care
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Evernorth Behavioral Health takes a data-informed approach and provides personalized care across the entire continuum for the populations we serve. Our solutions help support mental health and emotional well-being by using identification models to proactively engage members, help them navigate to the right level of care, quickly — and provide quality outcomes that drive cost savings.