How Express Scripts Pharmacy gets prescriptions to patients on time

99% of packages arrive in four days or less

When a mail carrier delivers medication from Express Scripts Pharmacy, the journey from pharmacy to patient is timely and predictable: 99% of packages arrive in four days or less. That’s true across the country, including areas where residents may otherwise be experiencing delivery issues.

“Our sortation capabilities and custom shipping network allow us to bypass many of those issues,” said Jason Jensen, director of delivery optimization for Express Scripts Pharmacy. “We are also in close communication with our partners, making real-time updates to our custom network as needed to mitigate risk of delivery delays.”

Express Scripts Pharmacy has a coordinated set of highly automated dispensing pharmacies across the United States, connected by a proprietary operating system that provides the flexibility to send tens of millions of prescriptions safely, quickly, and accurately to patients each year. We utilize a combination of pharmacists and technology to help ensure that the patient gets the right medication every time. Our technology also includes advanced package sortation capabilities that allow orders to bypass carriers’ sorting facilities, which minimizes service delays.

Express Scripts Pharmacy utilizes a custom delivery model, working with all major carriers to adjust shipping methods as needed to serve patients without disruption, Jensen said. In addition, pharmacy teams use a data-driven, proactive approach to monitor weather conditions, news reports, and current events that could affect medication delivery, allowing Express Scripts Pharmacy to act quickly when needed.

To learn more about our innovative process of getting the right medications to patients in a timely fashion, watch this video:

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