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For over 35 years, we have been committed to making pharmacy simpler and better - completely redesigning and reinventing the pharmacy experience around our patients and their health.

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It’s pharmacy the way it should be.

Patients get their medications delivered right to their door quickly, safely, and accurately with Express Scripts® Pharmacy. No waiting in line. No extra trips to the pharmacy. Just a simple, stress-free pharmacy experience that can save patients time and money on 3-month supplies of their maintenance medications.

True 24/7 support and care

We’re not just here to help patients manage their medications, but to help manage their health. One of our 900+ pharmacists will always be available to answer their questions and offer any other support. No voicemails, waiting for a callback, or rushed conversations. 

Woman in pharmacist jacket wears headset offers service
Safe, Discrete Delivery

All medications are delivered in weather-resistant, tamper-evident packaging with free standard shipping included.

Automatic Refills

Patients can opt in to automatic refills on eligible medications, and they will arrive at their door without having to lift a finger.

Express Scripts® Pharmacy App

Order medications. Track deliveries. Schedule refills and dose reminders. Our mobile app puts pharmacy in the palms of patients.

Specially Trained Pharmacists

Our pharmacists are trained and focused in specific areas of pharmacy and disease states and are available 24/7 to answer patients' questions.

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