Discount Programs Encourage Patient Affordability and Access

Express Scripts works across the health care industry to forge innovative partnerships, while making sure members are not missing out on potential prescription cost savings.

At Express Scripts, we believe working with any partner to deliver an affordable, simple and predictable experience helps members better understand their benefits and ultimately leads to better health outcomes.

We also believe that members shouldn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to find the best possible price for their medication. 

Discount card programs, like our very own Inside Rx, provide cost savings on many critical medications for people who are uninsured or under insured. Most times, the best price for a medication is within the insured benefit, but there are rare exceptions (around two percent) where discount pricing is a little better.

We know members don’t want to miss out on those discounts, and we don’t want them to, either. That is why we can offer plans flexible solutions to best meet the needs for their specific member population. 

Finding the Right Price

With our Right Price solution, Express Scripts finds and integrates prescription discount card market pricing into the insured benefit, and automatically applies that pricing to the member’s out-of-pocket costs at the point-of-sale – no action required by the member. 

Right Price alleviates the need for a member to price shop, and allows for the medication purchase to apply toward their deductible, if they have one.

More importantly, the claim is processed within the benefit, meaning the prescription undergoes the thousands of health safety checks we perform on every prescription to identify potential interactions with other medications. Right Price also allows members to leverage discount card pricing at our industry leading Express Scripts Pharmacy.

Expanded Options Through Amazon 

Our newly expanded relationship with Amazon is a way for Express Scripts to offer our customers another option for a simple and affordable pharmacy experience, and access to Amazon’s discount card administered by Inside Rx.

For plans who choose to integrate with Amazon, Express Scripts securely delivers the necessary benefit information. Then, members can log on to the Amazon Pharmacy website and view the medication price associated with their benefit, the Amazon prescription discount card, and Amazon Pharmacy’s retail price. After comparing options, they can purchase the medication through the Amazon Pharmacy. 

Additionally with this program, the plan sponsor can determine if claims purchased through the Amazon discount card can apply to deductibles.

Taking the Guess Work out of Prescription Drug Affordability 

While discount card programs provide additional options for members and especially for people who are uninsured, it’s important to note that Express Scripts plans have always included “lesser of” logic in our claims processing. This ensures members always pay the lowest price when picking up their medication at the pharmacy, whether that price is their co-payment or the pharmacy’s price for the medication, without any action on their part. Members can easily find what that lowest price is, and where to get it, on the Express Scripts website and mobile app.

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Express Scripts Right Price
The Right Price solution finds and integrates prescription discount card market pricing into the insured benefit, and automatically applies that pricing to the member’s out-of-pocket costs at the point-of-sale with no action required by the member.

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