Evernorth employees provide outstanding health care services to customers and patients

Get to know the Evernorth employees who are working hard to provide excellent health care services to members.

At Evernorth, we are committed to helping move people and organizations forward. 

Our employees work day in and day out to support our customers through their health care journey. Read on to learn about just a few ways we’ve gone above and beyond recently for our customers.

Helping a Patient Test Her Blood Sugar

Michael Martinelli, a registered pharmacist at Express Scripts

Michael Martinelli
Registered Pharmacist
Express Scripts

Michael Martinelli reached out to a patient who had just started a new medication after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. As they spoke by phone, Martinelli quickly realized the patient didn’t know how to test her blood sugar. She indicated that her local pharmacist had been too busy to show her when she picked up testing supplies.

Martinelli offered to walk her through the testing process, step by step. He even researched her particular blood glucose meter, since each works a little differently. Martinelli was able to guide the patient over the phone as she successfully checked her blood sugar for the first time. Her blood sugar level was elevated, so he gave her tips to help keep it under control, including keeping a journal of her numbers to share with her doctor.

The patient was incredibly grateful to him and the time he spent with her.

Supporting Customers Through Medical Financial Hardship

Niki Penberg, a case manager at Evernorth Behavioral Health

Niki Penberg
Case Manager
Evernorth Behavioral Health

Niki Penburg worked with a customer who was experiencing stress brought on by her physical health issues and who was experiencing financial hardship.

Penberg researched and shared several resources with the customer to support her overall health, including connecting her with an Employee Assistance Program that allowed her to secure food from a local food bank and to attend several therapy sessions at no cost.

Penberg also engaged a complex medical case manager, who ensured the customer attended all of her scheduled medical appointments, closed a gap in care around one of her medications, and helped her advocate for herself with doctors.

Within just six weeks, the customer shared that she felt “more in control emotionally” as a result of what she had learned, moving from negative thinking to a place of greater acceptance. The customer is continuing therapy sessions and is making plans to return to work from leave.

Coaching Customers Through Their Health Journey

Ashley Miller is an osite health coach at Evernorth Direct Health

Ashley Miller
On-site Health Coach
Evernorth Direct Health

Ashley Miller coached a costumer with chronic health issues who wanted to improve her physical and mental health after recovering from multiple surgeries. Miller partnered with the customer – meeting with her regularly by phone – to provide education about stress-relieving practices and to create a healthy eating plan, lifestyle, and fitness routines. After working with Miller for one year, the customer's stress level decreased significantly and she lost 86 pounds.

In addition, Miller helped the customer identify financial stress as an area of immediate concern due to her husband’s high Medicare premium. Miller connected the customer to a caseworker, who helped get the Medicare premium covered under the National Kidney Fund, lowering the premium from $500 to less than $80.

“By working with Ashley on my mental health first, I was able to be very successful with getting my health back on track,” the customer said. “I could not have been this successful without Ashley’s guidance, education, and compassion.”

Connecting Patients to Behavioral Health Support

Gerald Villarreal is a case manager at Evernorth Behavioral Health

Gerald Villarreal
Case Manager
Evernorth Behavioral Health

Gerald Villarreal took a call from an elderly customer who has several chronic health conditions and had been referred recently for behavioral support because she was suffering from major depression. During their first phone call, the customer shared that her depression was due to past trauma. She had not cleaned her house or taken a shower in months. She wanted to join a local senior center but could not afford the fees.

Villarreal worked with this customer for several months, researching and providing resources for her and encouraging her to seek therapy. With his help, the customer got connected to a therapist and additional case managers through the Ginger app. Villarreal also found a grant program that enabled the customer to join a local senior citizen center, where she now regularly socializes, plays bingo and does water aerobics.

Thanks to Villarreal’s compassionate support, the customer shared that she is living a more meaningful life and taking better care of herself and her home. 

Caring for Patients the Accredo Way

Terri Wright is an infusion nurse at Accredo specialty pharmacy

Terri Wright
Infusion Nurse
Accredo specialty pharmacy

Terri Wight recently began caring for a child who needs regular infusions of medication. By utilizing Accredo’s dispensing and nursing services at home instead of bringing the child to a high-cost site of care, the family realized substantial savings.

However, the parents were extremely anxious about the change, especially since their child has a fear of needles. Wright was able to get the IV in on the first attempt, and the infusion went well. Not only did this put the parents at ease, but Wright made a personal connection with the child over their mutual love of spicy food, and the family provided dinner for Wright.

The family continues to be happy with the home infusion experience. This is just one example of what Accredo nurses do each and every day to care for patients. 

Originally published on 11/30/22 and updated on 6/5/23.