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ICYMI: 3 Health Care Trends That Took Center Stage at the 2022 HLTH Conference

Consumer-centric benefits, digital and virtual care, and more connection between behavioral, medical and pharmacy care was top of the agenda.

November 18, 22

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A panel of speakers at the 2022 HLTH conference in Las Vegas

Virtual Care and Digital Care – Two Sides of a Connected Coin

Virtual health care and digital health care are often mentioned together, but their differences are notable. Today, they’re used in parallel more often than in tandem.

Cynthia Zelis, MD, MBA, July 14, 21

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Patient using virtual and digital tools

Expanding Access to Effective Digital Health Solutions

Through additions to the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary, we’re helping millions of Americans better manage common health needs.

Tim Wentworth, October 07, 20

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Digital Health Formulary