Evernorth Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Patient-specific cost and coverage at the point of care.

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Evernorth’s Real-Time Prescription Benefit saves your physicians’ time and your members’ money.
Physicians who utilize Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) at the point of care are empowered to have meaningful discussions with their patients and make decisions on a therapy that best meets the patient’s needs. View our available resources to share with your physicians to promote utilizing the solution right within their prescribing workflow.


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Every Second Counts

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All That You Save

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Know Before They Go

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Overview of what it is and how it works

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Email Introduction

To share directly with your physicians
(simply download and unzip the email file)

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Demo Slideware

Illustrating RTPB in action

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Research study reveals compelling patient outcomes driven by physicians utilizing RTPB…

Effects of Real-time Prescription Benefit Recommendations on Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs

NYU Grossman School of Medicine research study revealing compelling patient outcomes driven by physicians utilizing RTPB at the point of care.

Research: Key Insights


resources tailored to your physicians

How to Get Started

Empower your physicians with innovation directly within their workflow at the point of care.
For You
Follow the checklist guiding you through how to enable RTPB for your physicians.
For Physicians
Share this version of the checklist with your physicians stepping them through how to start using RTPB today.
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