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Intelligence+ is a unique capability where industry-leading analytics, dynamic platforms, and world-class talent, unleash unconstrained innovation to help solve the biggest challenges in health care. With insights, data and research that help create dynamic services and platforms, we help you make better decisions for your business and your employees.

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Data and Advanced Analytics

Now more than ever before, plan sponsors need more from health care partners. You need partners unwilling to accept the status quo, nimble enough to respond to your challenges and invested in making the system better.

At Evernorth, our connected data and pivotal insights can help you see what others don’t. Advanced modeling and machine learning uncover patterns, identify future health gaps, and calculate financial risk to maximize your options. Data science is the foundation for our entire innovation model as well as for our PBM, financial and clinical solutions—building a deep understanding of any given problem, so we can find the right path forward to solving it.

With coordinated services and interoperable platforms that can combine datasets from multiple vendors, we make it easy for our intelligence to work for you. We’re actively building technologies to link together all the solutions that wrap around your members—whether you bought them from us or not. We’re breaking down data silos to provide multi-dimensional, actionable intelligence. Cross-benefit. Seamless. Connected. Empowering you to:

  • Leverage a multi-dimensional view of what has been or is happening in your plan using advanced diagnostics.
  • Prevent future gaps in care and cost drivers by using predictive models to target patient interventions with precision.
  • Pinpoint specific plan challenges and target specific geographical locations for more focused attention.
  • Understand how people engage by blending analytics with behavioral science for more efficient and effective individual outreach.
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The Lab by Evernorth

At The Lab by EvernorthSM, our team investigates the metrics to find new opportunities for improving health and reducing costs. We prototype and develop ideas that enhance member experience and maximize business value. Using our insights, expertise, and relationships, we work with you to innovate the future of health care for you and your members.

Learn more about The Lab by EvernorthSM

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Evernorth Research Institute

At the Evernorth Research Institute, we apply unparalleled data collection, innovative methodologies and industry thought leadership to provide invaluable insights leading to better care. We’re working to find better ways to enhance whole-person health, increase affordability, and bring greater equity in health care to all.

Learn more about the Evernorth Research Institute

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Evernorth Vitality Index

We’re redefining what makes people healthy. The Evernorth Vitality Index goes beyond measuring individuals’ behaviors and current health and digs deeper, looking at one’s capacity to live with health, strength, and energy.


Learn more about the Evernorth Vitality Index

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