Nurses Improve Health Outcomes

Whether nurses have direct interaction with patients or work in non-traditional roles, their knowledge and expertise can improve health outcomes for patients.

Nurses should be an integral part of every health care team, whether providing care telephonically – as health coaches, behavioral health specialists, educators, and pharmacy care clinicians, working onsite in clinics and other medical facilities, or in patients’ homes, providing hands-on care.

They also have a place in what would be considered non-traditional roles for nurses, such as utilization management, data analysis, product development, and sales and account management. Their knowledge and expertise can improve how care is given to patients, regardless of where they are in their care journey.

For example, my own background and training as a nurse serves me well in my role managing operations for Express Scripts Pharmacyand Accredo specialty pharmacy. Our team includes hundreds of nurses who deliver specialized care to patients with chronic and complex conditions.

Nurses are the “secret sauce” in health services. They’re integral in helping patients initiate and stay on medications which treat their complex, chronic conditions. In addition, field nurses meet patients where they are – in homes, schools, and alternative sites of care to administer medications or post-acute care, allowing patients to remain in their homes, an often preferred and less costly solution for both patients and plan sponsors.

No matter their role, nurses across Evernorth are essential to improving the heath, well-being, and peace of mind for our plan sponsors and their members.

Below are just a few members of the Evernorth nursing team.


William Mitchell,EviCore, uses his clinical expertise to ensure patients receive appropriate care. With a focus on neurology patients, he documents an accurate snapshot of a patient’s clinical assessment to make the best clinical decision in support of each patient’s care.


Jennifer Garcia, Evernorth Home Solutions, became a nurse to help patients gain the knowledge they need to make better decisions about their health. She supports patients calling our triage line and those transitioning to home after a hospital visit.


Becky Tomaselli, Accredo specialty pharmacy, leads a team that provides regulatory, licensure, and quality support to the nearly 700 telephonic and field nurses who care for Accredo patients by helping them remain in their home and have a good quality of life despite their complex conditions.


Krystal Atkinson, Evernorth Direct Health, is committed to meeting patients where they are in their health care journey. She provides preventive education, helps with chronic disease management, and helps members navigate their well-being programs.

We know patients are navigating a lot of complexity - with their treatments, health care providers, benefits coverage, and in their daily routines. An important part of a well-rounded care team, nurses can help simplify patient care, improve outcomes and help to avoid downstream costs and additional health care utilization.