Version 1.0, December 5, 2023


These Site Specific Terms set forth additional terms and conditions for this website (the “Site”) and the portions of the Site described below for which registration is required (the “Portal”) and supplement the Terms of Use applicable to the Site.


These Site Specific Terms and the Terms of Use are between a user of the Portal or this portion of the Site (“you” or “your”) and Evernorth Health, Inc. (“Evernorth”, “we”, “us” or “our”). To the extent that there are conflicts between these Site Specific Terms and the Terms of Use, these Site Specific Terms shall control with respect to the Portal and this portion of the Site. 

Acceptance of These Site Specific Terms

Access to and use of the Portal is conditioned upon your acceptance of these Site Specific Terms and the Terms of Use.  By registering for, accessing, or using the Portal or this portion of the Site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand and agree to be legally bound by these Site Specific Terms and the Terms of Use.

Portal Purpose and Eligibility Requirements

The Portal enables individual users who have registered for and been granted access by us (“Registered Users”) to engage in a mobile-first, virtual-led, data informed health and wellness experience, and provides access to information and online services not otherwise available through the Site.  To become a Registered User, you must be an eligible, individual participant of a client that has engaged Evernorth or its affiliates to provide Portal access.


The Portal has functionality to enable you to manage your experience as a participant.  The Portal also enables us to identify available rewards and incentives and personalize recommendations of benefits and vendors that are available to you as a participant.  By completing an assessment, enabling certain Portal connectivity or features, and maintaining accurate information, we can better tailor your experience and make available services to you. 


The Portal pulls in medication information including medication history from various sources available to us.  Depending on the experience available to you, certain Portal functionality may enable you to review, view status, price, reorder, and/or pay for certain medications or otherwise take medication-related actions.

Confirmation of Portal Access Eligibility

By registering for, accessing, or using the Portal, you represent and confirm that you are an individual participant of a client that has engaged Evernorth or its affiliates to provide Portal access and that you meet any other applicable eligibility requirements to use the Portal. If you cease to meet the foregoing eligibility criteria, you must immediately cease all access to and use of the Portal.

Registration Required to Use Portal

To access the Portal, you must establish and maintain your own Registered User login credentials.  Depending upon the Portal implementation available to you, you may register for the Portal by:


  • establishing Portal login credentials to use with the Portal and, in some instances, other Evernorth portals, other portals that are affiliated with Evernorth and/or portals that are associated with third parties, 
  • utilizing previously established Evernorth login credentials, 
  • utilizing previously established login credentials associated with an entity affiliated with Evernorth, and/or 
  • utilizing login credentials associated with a third party with whom Evernorth has an established access relationship. 


If more than one set of login credentials are associated with your account, you may be able to interchangeably use them to access the Portal. Regardless of the login credentials used, your account associated with the Portal is the same.


If you reset your third party credentials directly with the third party platform, the resetting should not affect your access to the Portal. By using third party credentials to access the Portal (or the Site), certain information may be provided to us by the third party platform or otherwise.

Permitted Use of Portal

Registered Users may access the Portal through the Site, via mobile access, and/or through an authorized third-party website if we have enabled Portal access via such additional methods.  Regardless of which method you use to access the Portal, you may use the Portal only for your own personal, authorized use in accordance with these Site Specific Terms and the Terms of Use. 


You may not permit any other person or entity to use your login credentials, nor may you access or use the Portal for any other person’s or entity’s benefit.  Access to or use of the Portal by any other person or entity, or for any purpose not specifically authorized by these Site Specific Terms or the Terms of Use, is strictly prohibited. 


You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials and for all activity that occurs under your Registered User account. You agree to notify us immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access to your login credentials or any use of the Portal by any other person or entity through your account.