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Evernorth Therapeutic Resource Center PlusSM

Redefining specialty care with proven strategies and connected health solutions.

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Transforming navigation of high-spend specialty health conditions

For the highest-cost and most difficult-to-navigate conditions, our care management approach supports successful patient outcomes while driving down plan spend.

Our Therapeutic Resource Centers (TRC) are an ecosystem of highly skilled listeners, counselors and teachers who help your members facing not just health, but lifestyle and well-being challenges too.

Let us help you care for your members while ensuring your dollars are spent wisely on the most effective and practical treatment options available.

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Evernorth TRC Plus for Hemophilia

Evernorth's TRC Plus solution combines Accredo's proven TRC model with Evernorth's connected management strategies to redefine care for specialty conditions—starting with hemophilia.

Hemophilia is a genetic, incurable bleeding disorder where the individual lacks the protein necessary to form blood clots.

The care journey for and costs associated with hemophilia are often unpredictable, complex and expensive for both plans and patients. The cost and frequency of treatment needed can vary widely from person to person depending on the type (A or B) and severity of their condition.

Rare, personalized and highly cost variable

Hemophilia is tricky and expensive to treat, as each patient requires an individualized treatment plan of clotting factor injections, monoclonal antibodies, or even gene therapy, to keep life-threatening bleeds at bay.

The average annual cost of medication per patient to treat hemophilia1,2

1. Accredo, Internal Analysis of Commercial BOB March 2023.

2. This is cost without a gene therapy.


Males diagnosed in the U.S.3

3. Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, Sept. 2022

Delivering added transparency and affordability for specialty care

Evernorth’s TRC Plus is designed to help plan sponsors through the complexity of covering specialty therapies with:
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A robust care model through our Blood Disorder TRC, offering dedicated TRC specialists, in-home and virtual care options and multi-level waste reduction.

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Therapy discounts across all hemophilia treatment options, including gene therapies at cost.

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Self-service dashboard to review therapy utilization for the last 24 months and a gene therapy forecasting report.

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Navigation assistance to guide patients through coverage policies and utilization management requirements for gene therapies.

Realize plan savings and drive a better patient experience with a leading specialty partner


projected average annual savings for plans on current factor therapies3

3. Estimate based on 500K life client going from a blended factor discount of 26.73% to 27.73%. This is a BoB blended rate which will differ for Integrated and Direct clients.


virtual and in-person visits by our nurses in 20224

4. Accredo RMG2022 Field nursing dashboard.


aggregate savings driven through proprietary hemophilia-specific TRC waste management protocols5

5. Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy: Vol 29, No 1, Jan, 2023. "Optimizing maintenance dosing of emicizumab-kxwh as prophylaxis in hemophilia A: Dosing to product labeling while minimizing drug waste".


in-market factor therapy and gene therapy access through Accredo, ensuring continuity of patient care

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Achieve higher predictability and transparency for your hemophilia population today.
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