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Evernorth Specialty Management

Empowering plan sponsors with tools and solutions to make smart, effective benefit decisions in a complex specialty environment. 

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The Complex, Changing Care Environment

Trying to provide benefits that deliver quality care at a manageable cost for a growing number of specialty patients can be overwhelming, especially considering changing regulations, growing drug approvals, and alternative treatments.

Complex Specialty Landscape


Increase in specialty drugs on the market in the past 20 years1


1. Office of Emerging Therapeutics Reporting as of Jan 2022 
2. American Cancer Society Facts About Cancer | Cancer Death Rates 
3. American Medical Association, April 2022


New cancer patients diagnosed in 20212


Potential physician shortage in the U.S. by 20343

Specialty benefit decisions you can feel confident in

Flexible options to manage specialty spend
Advocacy for access to lower cost, quality care
More holistic care experiences for your members
Tools to make more informed decisions

Flexible options to manage specialty spend.

Specialty can be a major driver of your total benefit spend. Our specialty services and solutions can help you get the most out of every health care dollar spent on specialty-related treatments, services, and procedures.

Specialty trend for payers, after adopting our trend management solutions4


4. Data from 2021 ESI DTR client sample for plans >10K lives enrolled in multiple specialty pharmacy trend management strategies


Per member per month (PMPM) savings, depending on the level of aggressiveness4

More Holistic Care Experiences

An ecosystem of broad clinical support resources  will be critical  as the health care system faces physician shortages and more patients than it can keep up with. Pharmacists and other care providers can help patients better understand their condition and treatment, while supporting any other related difficulties.  

Accredo, Evernorth’s specialty pharmacy, offers condition-specific support through specialty-trained pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and patient advocates delivering care across more than 3.2 million clinical and compliance interactions a year.

In 2021, these programs and protocols drove $84M in total specialty pharmacy savings, or $0.47 PMPM.5


5 2021 Evernorth Specialty Data - Analytic & Reporting Consolidation

Doctor stands and talk with four other medical professionals in middle of hospital hallway

Supportive Patient Care


Patient satisfaction rate among patients with rare conditions5




5. 2021 Evernorth Specialty Data - Analytic & Reporting Consolidation
6. Accredo BoB data, 2021 and 2016-2021. Total includes manufacturer and charitable programs
7. Accredo Clinical Programs Adherence Course Correct Outcomes Analysis 2021


Copay assistance coordinated for patients since 20166


Non-adherent patients who became adherent after Accredo coaching interventions7

Tools to support more informed benefit decisions

Evernorth’s sophisticated modeling tools and support systems help inform your decisions on some of the most challenging topics including, gene and cell therapies, channel optimization and specialty plan design.

We are always evolving and connecting our capabilities to reduce specialty expenses and fragmentation. 

Want to see a real world example?

View our guide to discussing data-driven analysis

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Advocacy for access to lower cost, quality care

We develop strategies that inform meaningful, sustainable policy solutions on a wide range of health care issues. Our specialty solutions address the access and availability of biosimilars in the public eye, navigating state-level issues. We advocate for our clients and identify upcoming alternative solutions to remain compliant with new legislation, all the while retaining their options in how they want to manage their health care spend.


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