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Personalizing and improving care through proactive mental and behavioral health solutions.

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Ignoring behavioral health conditions is a costly mistake.

Data is fragmented. Access to care is limited. Health equity and cultural concerns are often overlooked. Navigating behavioral health care without the right partner can lead to overspending.

Our behavioral health solutions combat overspending by addressing behavioral and mental conditions before they further complicate health. By matching your members to the right level of resources more quickly, our next-generation experience delivers data-driven, personalized care on demand. We partner with you every step of the way to guarantee results. 

Up to $2,565 in savings when people who are newly diagnosed with a behavioral condition receive treatment1.

1. Internal Evernorth analysis performed 2022. Associated medical and pharmacy cost savings are over a 15 month period following treatment for a new Behavioral health diagnosis in the US. Results may vary and savings are not guaranteed.

Your Members Are Already Struggling

In the U.S., behavioral and mental health stigmas can make adults less likely to seek help. However, this delay can cause needless suffering for your members while leading to increased plan costs overall.

U.S. adults experience mental illness each year2


of those suffering  do not get care3


also suffer physically4 and cost 3-6x more5

4. Behavioral Health Insights, Book of Business claims data 1-1-20 through 12-31-20.

5. Milliman Research Report, August 13, 2020

Integrated behavioral health solutions strengthen existing benefits.

We make behavioral health simple, personal, and more affordable from start to finish, connecting members to the right level of care for their unique needs. Our partnerships, nationwide care-provider network, and data-informed approach can treat a wide array of mental and behavioral conditions. 

Whether alone or as a supplemental value-add to your plan, Evernorth behavioral health solutions drive savings by predicting emerging health needs, closing gaps in care, and supporting synergy in mental and behavioral health. This data-driven approach includes measuring patients before, during, and after their mental health care journey as well as matching individuals with providers who deliver the right level of care.

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Comprehensive behavioral health solutions that put members first.

Behavioral health can feel complicated. Care shouldn’t be. That’s why we ensure our solutions provide three things.
We integrate medical, pharmacy, and data to proactively manage behavioral health, reducing inefficiencies and improving outcomes.
Our flexible platform helps curate the right resources, tools, and technology for optimal care customized to your specific population.
We take the frustration out of behavioral health through a simple, guided experience that matches members to the right resources at the right time, wherever they are. 

Behavioral and Mental Health Solutions

We partner with you to match the right solutions to your members’ unique needs.

Our diverse, specialized programs can accommodate the high-risk and condition-specific needs of your entire population. Our expanded national network of facilities, includes in- and out-patient professionals, as well as virtual and digital providers, to deliver the right care at the right time, wherever your members may be.

Minimize missed work and reduce medical costs by adding this supplemental service to your plan.

Crisis support, 24/7/365

Robust mental health and substance use care

Proactively identifies high-risk members

Customizable to specific needs

Online tools, digital coaching, peer support services

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Caregiver solutions allow members to find support that meets their needs, from digital cognitive behavioral therapy support to real-time coaching and online care resources.

Digital cognitive behavioral therapy led by clinical experts

Curated digital education, resources, personalized coaching, and care-planning support 

One-on-one coaching with behavioral licensed clinicians

Social and peer-to-peer support

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24/7 confidential assistance supports mental health in the workplace, life challenges, well-being, and productivity.

Our critical incident stress management and wellness seminars serve organizations by addressing workplace concerns and disruptive, critical events.

Crisis triage

No-cost phone consultations and short-term counseling (virtual or in-person)

Referrals to financial, legal, and daily life resources and community services

Online resources and digital interfaces to webcast portal and B2B microsite



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Evernorth guided behavioral health uses a data-informed approach to proactively identify, engage and guide members to the right level of behavioral care, quickly-all while providing measurement and quality outcomes that drive cost savings.

Data informed early identification

Omni-channel interaction and engagement

Customized assessments that help tailor individual care pathways

Quality care delivered digitally, in person and virtually

Lower total health care costs through improved outcomes

Guided, concierge support every step of the way

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The inMynd℠ behavioral care solution lowers the total cost of care, helps increase productivity, while supporting members’ healthier and happier lives.

Counseling through Therapeutic Resource Center pharmacists

Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (dCBT) and medication management

Increased visibility to health care providers regarding mental health prescriptions

Learn more how inMynd℠ helps members access treatment on their terms.

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Evernorth Behavioral Health Advantages

By complementing your existing benefits with Evernorth behavioral health solutions or using them alone, you can improve how your members feel while taking actions that improve costs.

Timely Care Access

Shortening the time to care with a robust network and flexible solution offerings.


On-Demand Care

A variety of wellness apps, our location/plan-based provider network, and virtual care provide greater convenience.

Reliable Data

Unrivaled impact metrics informed by industry-leading integrated health data and clinical expertise.


Real-Time Identification

Our concierge manager helps patients find the right care after proactively identifying behavioral health conditions.

Fully Guided Care

Whether they need medical, pharmacy, or behavioral care, members get the right treatment from the right resources.


Flexible Contract Model

Dynamically structure contracts for risk-sharing, flat fees, or a hybrid approach, for versatile solutions in any situation.

Full-Journey Solutions

A wide range of resources for connected care, including education, medication, and stabilization.


High-Cost, Specialized Behavioral Condition Management

Care covers the full range of acuity, cost, and level of specialization, including autism, substance abuse, opioid use, and eating disorders.

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