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Meet Michella, 46

Grandmother of two, lives in a city suburb

Diagnosed with stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer—predominantly impacting African American women under 50

Recently had a lumpectomy + radiation and adjuvant chemotherapy

Through Clinical Trial Solutions, Michella receives specific engagement on a study related to her diagnosis, available in her local community.1

1. Michella is a fictional representation. Evernorth Clinical Trial Solutions does not share patient personal information.

For individuals with complex or rare conditions—especially those impacted by health inequities linked to social determinants of health (SDOH)—affordable, convenient care may be hard to come by.

Clinical trials can provide these individuals and their families with a new sense of hope.

Often, those who could benefit from participating in clinical trials don’t take advantage of them due to challenges of accessibility and awareness. 85% of clinical trials do not enroll and retain enough participants to continue—delaying potentially life-saving treatments from reaching the people who need them.

Physicians frequently lack the capacity to explore the wealth of clinical trial opportunities available on behalf of the member. Who, instead, can advocate for them?

With Evernorth’s Clinical Trial Solutions, we engage directly with your members to provide information about clinical trials as they are considering treatment options for their conditions—filling gaps in care and driving awareness of relevant clinical trial opportunities.

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Empowering members to make informed care decisions

Evernorth draws from robust claims data and individual member insights to match members to the most relevant clinical trial opportunities for their unique background and condition. When members are engaged with this information, they are better equipped to navigate their treatment journey and understand the breadth of care options available to them.

If a member chooses to participate in a clinical trial, they can:

Access expanded treatment options, especially for rare conditions

Improve health equity by receiving help in overcoming barriers to care

Receive more frequent and consistent check-ins with a dedicated care team throughout the length of the trial

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Expanding new horizons

Michella is excited to learn about a new clinical trial for individuals with her diagnosis happening in her area. After exhausting her current available treatment options, she’s hopeful for what the clinical trial may bring and decides to follow up with her doctor to see if participation is right for her.

Deliver the power of possible

When you say “yes” to empowering members through clinical trial research, you can unlock better care experiences for your members at no additional cost to your plan.  Clinical Trial Solutions is a complimentary offering to all clients who choose to opt-in. 

Ensure members are connected to cutting-edge treatment options

Enable accurate and efficient recruitment for relevant trial opportunities

Improve inclusion of underrepresented patient populations in clinical research

Help reduce disease burden and increase safety 

Clinical Trial Solutions — Letter of Agreement

Expand the possibilities of care and help overcome recruitment challenges impeding the advancement of clinical research. By completing this form, you are agreeing to allow Evernorth Clinical Trial Solutions to inform members of relevant clinical trial opportunities based on their claims activity.
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