Additional Terms and Conditions

Version 1.0, July 20, 2022


These additional terms and conditions (“Site Specific Terms”) apply to the operations of the Evernorth Care Solutions mobile application (the “Site”) including Registered Users of the Registered User Website, and supplement the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy applicable to the Site.  To the extent that there are conflicts between the Site Specific Terms and the Terms of Use, the Site Specific Terms govern.  These Site Specific Terms and the Terms of Use are between a user of any portion of the Site and Evernorth Care Solutions, Inc. (“Evernorth” “we”, “us” or “our”). 



You acknowledge that the Site, including the Registered User Website, is provided to you as a service to offer a digital enhancement to an applicable employee assistance plan (EAP) and does not support medication management or severe behavioral needs.



By using the Site, you agree that you are a User.  “Users” are persons utilizing the Website.  “Registered Users” are pilot participants that have agreed to experience and evaluate certain digital engagement technology offered through Evernorth.



Registered User Website” (or simply “Website” or “Application”) is a registered user-only account portal available through the Site, a third-party site, or via mobile access which enables Registered Users to participate in receiving digital access to care and related services. 



The Application may enable use of certain functionality made available by MDLIVE, Inc. that is subject to different terms and conditions.  Prior to utilizing this functionality, you will be so notified and requested to accept these terms and conditions.  Once accepted, you will be able to utilize this functionality and certain aspects of your experience will be governed by those terms and conditions while other aspects of your experience will be governed as applicable by these Site Specific Terms, the Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy.



Certain portions of the Site may be available to you that include communication functionality.  The communication functionality enables real-time communication sessions with Evernorth personnel or other persons on behalf of or in conjunction with Evernorth (“Authorized Persons”).  When used, certain Personal Information, health information, and/or non-personal information may be shared with or collected by the Authorized Persons depending upon the nature of the communication session.  In certain instances, you may be able to selectively grant permission(s) to an Authorized Person to participate with you in interacting with the Site.   Certain communication functionality may be provided on the Site for limited purposes, and the Authorized Persons will be unable to provide assistance beyond such purposes.



The Application enables certain virtual communication and interaction with Evernorth personnel, Authorized Persons, and Application functionality.  Based on such utilization of the Application, we may reach out to you through digital and other communication channels to offer additional Application support.