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Our Employee Assistance Program helps you and your workforce respond to adversity and everyday life's challenges, while supporting your success.

EAP Resources

Tools for HR and Managers

HR and managers’ go-to place for referral information, forms and resources for many different workplace concerns.


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Critical Incident and Disaster Support

Tools and resources to help your workforce cope with specific challenges.


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Wellness Resources

Our EAP makes it simple to organize seminars and training that improve your employees’ resilience and well-being.


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A proven communications strategy to engage your employees to make the most of their EAP benefits.


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The ‘I need more support to better support my employees.’ Program.

The go-to-place for support, including referral information, forms, and resources for a wide variety of workplace concerns.

Human Resources and Manager Resources

Our EAP has a 99% manager satisfaction rating.1

12021 Cigna Satisfaction Survey, Employee Assistance Program Evaluation. Published 2022. 

Managers, supervisors and HR professionals can reach out to our licensed, expert employee assistance consultants, 24/7. Simply call your toll-free number for guidance on concerns including:

Referring employees to EAP

Employee grief and loss

Employee chronic/terminal illness

Employee job uncertainty

Employee appearance

Appropriate employee behavior

Non-compliance with drug, alcohol and company policy

Violence in the workplace

Company layoffs

Effective leadership

Natural disasters and critical incidents

If your program includes management referrals, employee assistance consultants can help with informal referrals, formal referrals and continuation of employment referrals.

Being a manager can be demanding, so self-care is important. Use these resources to debrief after a difficult situation or learn coping strategies for work and home.

Cigna’s EAP offers consultation and assistance with workplace issues including:

EAP communication strategies and orientations
Wellness resources
Organizational change (downsizing, mergers, acquisitions)
Management training
Gender transition in the workplace
Drug-free workplace issues
Violence in the workplace
Partner violence, which can affect employees and the workplace
Natural disasters and critical incidents
Executive coaching*

Free 24/7 Veterans Support Line
Available to veterans and their families and caregivers, whether they’re a Cigna customer or not by calling 855.244.6211

Mindfulness for Vets Program
Tuesdays at 4 pm, CT by calling 866.205.5379 (passcode 113 29 178).

Mindfulness drop-in sessions
Available to veterans and their families and caregivers and families on Mondays and Thursdays at 5 pm CT and Wednesdays at 7:30 pm CT by calling 1.866.205.5379 (passcode 113 01 992).

Military Cultural Awareness Seminar Series for employees and managers
Exploring Risk of Suicide and PTSD
Introduction to Military Culture
Understanding the Deployment Cycle

Critical Incident Stress Management Services

Return-to-Work Guide for Managers [PDF]

Talking to Employees about Sensitive Subjects [PDF]

Employee Performance

How to Approach Employee Performance Problems [PDF]

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Responding to Suicide Warning Signs: A Guide for Managers [PDF]


If you’re dealing with a specific issue, such as grief and loss, reach out to your employee assistance consultant team for more targeted materials.

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The ‘How do I help my team when I’m at a loss for the right words?’ Program.

Tools and resources to help your workforce cope with specific challenges. 

Need help? Call your toll-free EAP number to get 24/7 support.

COVID-19 Resources
COVID brought plenty of new challenges. We can help you and your workforce navigate them.



If your workplace has been disrupted by a traumatic event, our EAP can you can offer timely support to help impacted employees recover. 


Critical Incident Stress Management Services2 provide 24/7 consultative support and timely coordination of onsite or virtual critical incident support. A service plan is put in place, based on the specific situation and needs of those affected.


Our Critical Incident Services have a 99% satisfaction rating1.


Supported incidents:

+     Natural disasters
+     Major organizational change
+     Industrial accidents
+     Employee deaths/serious illnesses
+     Violent attacks/traumatic events
+     Mass transportation accidents
+     Other critical incidents



2Cigna’s EAP typically includes an annual bank of Employer Service Hours, which may be used to cover onsite Critical Incident Stress Management Services. Reach out your Cigna representative for more details on the number of hours included or to purchase Employer Service Hours on a fee-for-service basis.

12021 Cigna Satisfaction Survey, Employee Assistance Program Evaluation, published 2022. 

Disaster Support
Our Disaster Resource Center helps people cope with a variety of disasters, crises, and challenging situations.
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The ‘I need to create a stress reduction campaign and it’s stressing me out.’ Program.

Our EAP makes it simple to organize seminars and training sessions that improve your employees' resilience and well-being, as well as address key workplace concerns.

Wellness Seminars

Our EAP offers over 180 topics designed to help reduce stress, promote health and improve performance.
United States

Select a seminar from the EAP Wellness Seminars and Management Trainings Catalog.


Reach out to our Employer Service Coordinator team at 888.736.1377 or


To schedule a US-based seminar, please complete the request form four weeks in advance, or six weeks in advance for legal and financial topics.

Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Select a seminar from the EAP Wellness Seminars and Management Trainings Catalog.


To schedule for Canada, Puerto Rico, or the United States Virgin Islands, complete the request form.

Boost Wellness Offerings
Our EAP Wellness Webcasts are a free way to help employees learn more about wellness and EAP benefits. We produce two webcasts a month for all employees and a webcast every quarter for managers and HR professionals.

Every event is live and then available on demand for 24 months and provides an overview of EAP benefits.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Resources

EAP Partner of Choice for Over 45 Years: Satisfaction Rates


HR satisfaction with seminars and manager training1


2021 Cigna Satisfaction Survey, Employee Assistance Program Evaluation. Published 2022.


satisfaction among wellness seminar participants3


3 2021 EAP Book of Business Satisfaction Survey results.


satisfaction for EAP Wellness Webcast participants1

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The ‘The most effective resources are the ones people actually know about.’ Program.

A proven communications strategy to engage your employees to make the most of their EAP benefits.

Digital Communications

We provide professionally written and designed materials that make communicating EAP messaging easier than ever before.
Convenient Collateral

Our series of ecards and electronic flyers provide reusable materials that keep your members in the know.

Use Our Words

Use our materials or copy and paste the words in your newsletters, intranet banner ads, and engagement campaigns.

Engagement Resources

We offer customer engagement campaigns, social media and electronic bulletin boards ads, promoting members’ awareness.

Videos and Orientations

Our on-demand digital resources are the perfect EAP resource for employees and managers alike.

Additional Promotional Strategies

Our in-person events and printed assets make it easier to spread awareness about essential resources.

For no extra cost, we can create a customized EAP poster and tri-fold brochure with detachable wallet cards. Magnets and business cards are available for an additional cost.

Simply email us the following to the link below:

Type of materials needed
Quantity of materials needed
Shipping address
Shipping contact name and phone number
Your name and phone number


Your order should arrive in around two weeks. If you need materials sooner, please tell us in your email and we’ll try our best to work with you.

Benefit and wellness events enhance EAP awareness. Submit the Health/Benefit/Wellness Fair Request Form at least four weeks before your event and we will provide an EAP representative2 collateral and giveaways to spur employee interest. 



A local EAP provider can be scheduled to represent the EAP by using employer service hours from the annual bank of hours which are used to cover seminars, critical incident stress management services and benefit/wellness events.

For questions, please call 800-241-4057 ext 796-2646, or email by clicking the link below.



To request a Health/Benefit/Wellness Fair, please click the link below.

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