Podcast: Navigating the rising demand for specialty drugs

In this episode of the Health Unscripted Podcast, Matt Perlberg, president of the Evernorth Health Services pharmacy businesses, sits down with Vicki Wheeler, chief operating officer of Evernorth's pharmacy businesses, to discuss the current state of specialty drugs in America.

Listen to the latest episode of the Health Unscripted Podcast featuring Matt Perlberg, president of the Evernorth Health Services pharmacy businesses.

Demand for specialty drugs has skyrocketed, as they offer new hope to patients with chronic, serious, and sometimes life-threatening conditions. However, these medications can be prohibitively costly, and often can’t be dispensed from a typical pharmacy as they require special handling and complex administration. In this episode, Perlberg explores the specialty drug landscape and discusses ways patients and their plan sponsors can get the most out of these innovative medicines, in the most cost-effective way.

Listeners will learn about:

  • What specialty drugs are, and the types of conditions they treat.
  • Which new therapies will be coming to market, and what that means for plan sponsors and patients.
  • Ways to make specialty drugs more affordable for plan sponsors and patients. 
  • How Evernorth’s clinical model and specialty capabilities improve the health care experience for patients who require specialty drugs.
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