Clinically proven tips to manage stress

Feeling stressed? Explore these helpful tips to feel calmer and more resilient in stressful situations.
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Stress is our body’s way of responding to difficult situations. In short bursts, it can be a helpful motivator that propels us to solve problems in a timely manner. But if stress is persistent in the long term, it can become overwhelming and eventually harm your health.

We all experience stress from time to time, but managing it may look different for everyone. Here are some general tips on managing stress, according to health care professionals.

Reframe your outlook

While it’s true that stress is sometimes caused by external factors beyond our control, something we can control is how we internalize it. Notice how you talk to yourself and others about your situation. Are you kind to yourself? Do you take time to express gratitude and compassion, or do you find yourself dwelling on the negative? Developing awareness for these habits and rewiring your brain to see the positive in any situation can help build mental resilience against stress.

Put your health first

Ignoring the effects of long-term stress can have serious physical health consequences, just as a chronic health condition can if left untreated. Prolonged stress can weaken your immune system, raise your blood pressure, impact fertility and more. Prioritizing mental health hygiene can help you maintain whole-person health. This can include breathing exercises, regular meditation, mindful movement or engaging in intentional relaxation whenever possible.

Be proactive

Taking proactive steps to mitigate daily stressors can help you build a more sustainable lifestyle for long-term health and happiness. For example, if you regularly experience stress due to work responsibilities, communicate with your colleagues about challenges you’ve experienced to prevent the stressful situations from reoccurring.

Get support

If you find that your stress is too overwhelming to manage on your own, the good news is you don’t have to. A licensed behavioral health clinician can meet with you for a dedicated evaluation of what’s causing you stress and develop actionable ways to address it.

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