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At the Chandler Health Center, you'll find one-stop convenience for your family's health care needs. From dedicated internal medicine doctors to behavioral specialists, vision care and on-site lab services making health care for you and your loved ones accessible and convenient. That includes pediatric services, which put your child first, with expert medical advice and same-day appointments. We help you and your family stay on the right path with quality preventive care, chronic (long-term) condition management and treatment for illness or injury.

Our clinical pharmacy provides stress-free medication management under the same roof as your prescribing physician. We help you explore treatment options and monitor medication side effects, working closely with your physician. The skilled behavioral specialists at Chandler Health Center also offer mental health care to suit your family’s needs. We assist you in managing chronic (long-term) conditions, such as depression and anxiety, and connect you to community resources. In all ways, our goal is to provide care that supports your health, body and mind. 

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Evernorth Care Group

1717 W Chandler Blvd, Chandler, AZ 85224, USA
70 reviews
Tom o
3 weeks ago
I see Dr. R. Suan every year for my yearly physical. I really appreciate him. He listens well. He is empathetic. He remembers everything about my life over the many years I've been coming to see him at this location. He is thorough and efficient with the time we have together. He writes up the referrals and the labs I need and is very supportive. All the other staff members have also been great every time I come to Evernorth Care Group. Thank you.
Patty Browne
3 weeks ago
My last visit was a waste of time. Someone dropped the ball. I never could get my prescription or get a return phone call from them. It’s be 3 days now. Still sick. Coughing my head off!
Barbara Ayars
6 months ago
The only person that made me think about continuing with this office is Teresa in scheduling. She is empathetic, genuine, and kind. I came in for a physical/establish care and explained to the physician that I experience pain with a particular test. 2 weeks later I never received test results and made 3 follow up calls. The 1st call being informed the test is "processing" and the 2nd saying that they couldn't find test and would call me back. Well, no one called me back. When I made last call, I was informed the test never even made it to the lab and this test that is painful for me I would have to come in again to do. The ball was dropped many times and I'm the one that has to pay for it by taking time off work to come in again. This is not ok and now I'll be looking to establish care elsewhere.
Debra Ruiz
8 months ago
Came in to do blood work at 7 am. No one here said they would be here at 7:30. It's gonna be 8 and no one here still. The front desk doesn't know anything. Said they get here when they get here. 😡😡
Imade Yoursweaterstripey
a year ago
Horrible office and group in general. Unfortunately, my insurance prevents me from seeing a doctor that treats patients in lieu of this factory farming pill pushing clinic. Good luck with referrals when you can get them-- the specialists may actually help you, unlike Everworst.