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At North Valley Health Center, our doctors and care team don't just make diagnoses and prescribe medications. We take the time to get to know your family. Then we coordinate and develop a personalized care plan that specifically addresses your overall health needs and goals. We offer family and internal medicine, on-site lab and pharmacy services all under one roof, so you receive effective, convenient care when you or your loved ones need it. Our skilled geriatricians work closely with older patients, so they can maintain a high quality of life. 

We know you have a busy life, so we give you flexible care options at North Valley Health Center. You can request a video/virtual appointment to get prompt attention any time — by phone, tablet or computer. You can see a board-certified doctor and maintain your family's well-being without having to travel unnecessarily and miss work or school. Come to us in person or online for preventive care checkups, immunizations and screenings that keep you healthy and strong.

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Catamaran Corporation
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Prime Therapeutics
Arizona Complete Health (AZCH)
Allwell (HMO)
Connected Care Intel
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Mercy Care RBHA
Palmetto GBA
Workers Comp.
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WellCare DSNP

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Evernorth Care Group

710 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85023, USA
77 reviews
Chelle Page
a month ago
Unprofessional. I had to pay a $30 copay for them to not even do a physical on my first new patient appt. All they gave me was a referral, which I didn’t ask for or need. The whole appt was a waste of my time and money. I will never see Dr. Reed again. The two things I came in for I got no help with whatsoever. Just pushed off with a referral. Seriously what is the point of a PCP if they can’t do anything but give you to another doctor. I mean seriously I barely even got an exam. They just talked to me, took a temp, weight, BP, and listened to my heart and lungs. That is not an exam. Especially a new patient exam. I am so dissatisfied with the service I received, or rather lack of. They didn’t even have my name right on my file!
Nataliya Galius
3 weeks ago
I should have looked at the reviews before going… Very unprofessional place! And this is a serious concern, will address to manager as well… I had my appointment which was last 2 years ago, I didn’t get my lungs or heart listened to… So no physical exam… At the front desk they pulled on their tablet a questioner and said would you like to answer questions about Depression and Anxiety … I’m assuming because this is what I had on my record previously as a concern 2 years ago, so since I was confused what the questioner was for I didn’t do it, so now providers don’t even ask that in person OK GOT it. Didn’t update my med list, didn’t address any of my previous health issues as the PRIMARY CARE. Failing your main goal in a health setting….QUICK AND LAZY PRACTICE, just to get payment no care for actual health and care for a patient. Will definitely not go again ever… I don’t know if this location is wacky or what🙄 This was not an issue when it was Cigna and location on Shea / Scottsdale rd.
Mari Ansaldo
4 months ago
A part of Cigna, this building houses my primary care doctor, a podiatrist an optometrist, an eyeglass place, a pharmacy and an urgent care. There may be even more who knows. I like it fine. I'm diabetic so I need my eyes checked once a year and my feet 3 times a year so it's cool they're all in the same place. My PCP Dr Ballanca is awesome. She's thorough and conscientious and my podiatrist, Dr Wurster rocks. I'm happy I'm in their care
D Godfrey
3 months ago
Uncaring, unprofessional, uncooperative. Forever pushing patients to go to urgent care. So unqualified and inept they can't even lance a boil, they refer even the most minor procedure out. Ridiculous! Find another provider, anyone else will be better.
Lorenza Owens
5 months ago
I liked it they have everything in one if you need to get lab work you can walk on over to the lab if you need to get a prescription it's in there it's not very busy and everyone is very once you're checked in you don't have to wait hours for the doctor to wait the doctor was patient and understanding and took his time and did