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Evernorth Behavioral Care Group is a community of committed behavioral health clinicians, grounded in the core belief that high quality behavioral health care is critical to whole person health.

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Supporting a spectrum of behavioral health needs

We offer individual, couples and family therapy led by expert providers who are focused on your needs.

Our licensed behavioral health clinicians work one-on-one with you to provide expert, compassionate guidance through all of life's challenges. Whatever that looks like for you, we're here to help.

What Therapy Can Help With
We commonly work with a variety of clinical, social and personal concerns:

Clinical Conditions
+  Anxiety
+  Depression
+  Bipolar disorder
+  Chronic insomnia
+  Chronic pain
+  Eating disorders
+  Panic
+  Personality disorders
+  Phobias
+  Self-harm
+  Struggles with anger
+  Substance use
+  Trauma and PTSD

General Topics
+  Relationships
+  Parenting support
+  Partnerships and intimacy
+  Work stress and burnout
+  Life transitions
+  Grief and loss
+  Self-esteem
+  Body acceptance
+  Cultural identity
+  Racial trauma
+  Finding purpose
+  Breaking patterns

Two people icon

Understanding more about yourself and your partner can transform your relationship for the better. Our providers can help you take the time to foster healthy communication in your relationship and lay a solid emotional foundation for the future.

What Couples Therapy Can Help With
+  Communication and fighting
+  Power dynamics
+  Financial conflict
+  Parenting or caretaker stress
+  Challenges with intimacy
+  Repairing after infidelity
+  Pre-marital counseling

Family Icon

Including your family in the therapy process can be key to your path to healing. From understanding family dynamics, to working through complex emotions in a safe and supportive environment, Evernorth Behavioral Care Group can be your guide.

What Family Therapy Can Help With
+  Communication and fighting
+  Burnout and stress
+  Addiction recovery
+  Eating disorder recovery
+  Post-traumatic stress
+  Major life transitions
+  Grief and loss
+  Processing past events