Behavioral Health

Stress and mental health challenges can be difficult to navigate. At Evernorth Care Group, you aren’t left to manage them alone. We understand how important support can be. A brief meeting with a trusted behavioral health expert can be a first step to feeling like yourself again.

Behavioral Health Behavioral Health
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Care for your body and mind

We believe the health of your mind is just as important as the health of your body. Your primary care provider may refer you to us for behavioral health support. Our integrated behavioral health clinicians meet you where you are, mentally and physically. We focus on your specific health goals and help you achieve them with realistic, actionable steps.

Services to feel like yourself again
Whether you’re struggling with depression or overwhelmed by a diagnosis, we listen to your concerns and tailor a care plan to get you back on track. Our integrated behavioral health clinicians help you:

Your primary care provider may recommend seeing a specialist outside the Evernorth Care Group. We coordinate this connection for you. Our team can help facilitate scheduling your appointment, and makes sure you are aware of the facility location and have proper transportation to get there.

A chronic (long-term) condition diagnosis can be overwhelming. Monitoring symptoms, tracking medications and coordinating appointments can be a lot to juggle. We help you manage conditions such as diabetes, chronic heart failure and high blood pressure that affect your day-to-day life. And we communicate regularly with your provider, so everyone is on the same page.

Our trusted integrated behavioral health clinicians equip you with the tools you need to cope with depression, anxiety, grief and stress. We want you to be able to continue your journey to healing. Our team can also refer you to mental health resources near you if you need additional ongoing support.

Drug and alcohol abuse can cause problems with your relationships, work, school or physical health. You, a loved one or your health care provider may have concerns about your substance use. Our compassionate clinicians use a detailed questionnaire to diagnose addiction and get you the right help you need to recover.


Our integrated behavioral health clinicians give you the support you need to reach your health goals. As trained experts, you can trust us for your behavioral health needs.


We offer behavioral health services at multiple locations throughout the valley. Ask your provider for a referral.

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