Vision is precious, and your eyes deserve the best care. Our licensed optometrists (eye specialists) help you achieve and maintain clear vision with care tailored to your needs.

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Well-rounded eye care

Our optometrists provide eye care for patients of all ages. We ensure your eyes stay healthy through annual exams, vision correction and treatment for common eye conditions.

See what you’ve been missing

The road to better vision starts with an expert eye doctor. Our optometrists diagnose eye conditions and get you and your loved ones the treatment or vision correction you need. Our optometry services include:

We recommend you have a regular eye exam every one to two years. At your annual exam, your optometrist tests your vision and screens you for common eye diseases. If there is an issue with your eyes, we create a treatment plan with you that may include a visit to the ophthalmologist (eye surgeon).

If your vision seems like it is changing, our experienced optometrist can take a closer look. We work with you to find your custom prescription for clear vision. Our full optical shop features more than 500 adult and pediatric frames. You choose frames that fit your preference, lifestyle and budget while our trained opticians (eyewear specialists) make sure your glasses fit comfortably. We also offer contact lens fittings if you prefer invisible vision correction.

Our network of eye care providers includes opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists. If your optometrist feels you may need eye surgery – such as cataract removal – they refer you to an Evernorth Care Group ophthalmologist. We take care of scheduling your appointment, and our electronic health records keep all your providers informed of your medical history and current care plan.

Regular eye care can prevent eye disease caused by diabetes, called diabetic retinopathy. Our eye doctors use Optical Coherence Tomography to produce a high-resolution image of your eye. We use this image to identify the early stages of diabetic retinopathy and recommend the best treatment to preserve your vision.


The dedicated experts at our vision centers care about the health of your eyes. We provide comprehensive exams and treatments to keep your sight sharp.


We offer optometry services at eight locations in the valley. Make an appointment today to see one of our licensed optometrists.

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