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At Evernorth Care Group, you get health care for your whole being. Our internal medicine doctors spend time with you – taking note of your preferences and health goals. Then, we build a personalized care plan to help you achieve those goals.

Internal Medicine Internal Medicine
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Holistic primary care

We believe excellent health care considers every part of your well-being. At Evernorth Care Group, our internists provide adults with comprehensive primary care that encompasses the whole you. From routine screenings to chronic (long-term) condition management, your internal medicine team keeps you feeling your best.

Our services

We provide personalized, affordable primary care to people 18 and older. Our compassionate internal medicine team helps you stay healthy with:

Preventive care keeps you well by allowing your provider to identify disease early, when it is easiest to treat. Your internist offers comprehensive physicals, vaccinations, annual well visits, routine blood work and screening tests.

From your first appointment, you are surrounded by support from your internal medicine team. We give you the resources you need to manage a chronic condition diagnosis. We help you stay healthy with prescription medications, follow-up appointments, lifestyle changes and referrals to specialists when necessary.

Evernorth Care Group has 17 on-site pharmacies that can handle all your prescription needs. When your internal medicine provider prescribes medication, you can often pick it up at the pharmacy under the same roof. Your provider and clinical pharmacist are in communication regarding your care plan. Together, they adjust your medications when necessary and help you find cost-effective options.

Your internist may recommend you see a specialist, such as a podiatrist (foot specialist) or ophthalmologist (eye surgeon). When you are referred to a specialist within the Evernorth Care Group, you receive coordinated care, meaning your specialty doctors and primary care provider work together to optimize your care plan.


As internal medicine doctors, we specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating conditions that affect patients 18 and older. We partner with you to personalize your primary care and promote your overall wellness.


We offer internal medicine care at several locations throughout the valley. Call us to make an appointment today.

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