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7236 S. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85042
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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

En el Centro de Salud de South Mountain, nuestros médicos especializados tienen en cuenta las necesidades generales de tu familia en relación con la salud y el bienestar. Desarrollamos planes de cuidado personalizados para alcanzar tus metas, con un médico de familia, un internista, un pediatra y un farmacéutico clínico, con la comodidad de que todos atienden en el mismo lugar. Visítanos para hacerte chequeos preventivos, vacunarte y completar exámenes de detección. Desde chequeos para recién nacidos hasta exámenes anuales y exámenes de aptitud deportiva, ayudamos a tu hijo a crecer sano y fuerte.

Aprovecha nuestras opciones de atención flexibles en el Centro de Salud de South Mountain. Programa una cita para el mismo día en el laboratorio del centro para hacerte análisis de sangre de rutina o pruebas especializadas, o simplemente concurre sin cita previa. ¿No puedes visitarnos en persona? Solicita una cita virtual/por video desde un teléfono, una tableta o una computadora. Tú o tu ser querido pueden consultar a un médico certificado sin tener que viajar innecesariamente. También brindamos servicios multilingües para que la comunicación sobre el cuidado de la salud sea fácil y clara. Nos dedicamos a mantener tu salud y la de tu familia en un solo lugar y de muchísimas maneras.

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Evernorth Care Group

7236 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85042, USA
49 reviews
Joy A
a week ago
I moved out to Phoenix from Wisconsin back in January and I've had a good experience thus far. The first pcp I went to was very hard to get in contact with, I couldn't even get my diabetic meds because the doctor was unreachable. I got fed up with the back and forth and I've been at Evernorth since February. The staff there are far more helpful and kind! I've been able to get all the care and meds I need. I absolutely love it here and I'm able to reach out to them through MyChart if I have a question. I highly recommend!
Eddie Reyes
a year ago
The other day I an appointment with Dr Ray hands down the best PCP in the city they don't make doctors like this anymore he is totally old school and knows how to treat people his bedside manners are incredible and he is very compassionate and skilled and loves his job I required a simple follow up at the South Mountain location I needed some Medical documents to be signed the front desk check in staff are very very Pleasant and professional I highly recommend this location (South Mountain Cigna)AKA ever North Care Group,THANK YOU DR,RAY😊
Robert Brown
8 months ago
The staff is professional Dr Hallerman and doctor Rey are awesome.Ifvyou have little ones Doctor Morales is awesome and has a great repor with kids.
Dannette Flores
7 months ago
I had been coming her for over 20 years. The name change to Evernorth has brought on some very sad changes. This place will refer you to 5 different doctors within the evernorth system instead of helping you. I used to see my dr for everything and refils and now I have to go to the evernorth offices downtown, mesa, and in tempe to see specialst. A specialist for something I already have and to get refills. Waste! They make it seem real easy by making the apt for you however it is a scam to collect more insurance and copays. I went to one and then canceled all the rest and made appts with non evernorth offices just to get away from the scam. Waste of time to go here and I will not again. I've been going to my dr now on Baseline and 27th and they are great!
John G
2 years ago
Completely lost at this facility! Anyone who has a valid medical degree understands a virus can not be prevented wearing a mask. Covid Policy is out of control #1 reason to move on. #2 Customer service is horrible, many run arounds, cant get anything accomplished, really look elsewhere you would be much better with a Doctor who understands virus's.